How to buy SMOKE on Rudex | Step by Step for newbies

last year

I have seen through comments that a lot of newbies want to buy smoke on bitshares but it is so confusing for them. Today I am going to make a step by step tutorial which will be more than enough for everyone to understand the process.


First step

Create an account on RuDEX and make sure you save the password, this is very important, if not all your money will be lost.

The second step

Decide which coin you are depositing. From my own experience the best one to use is BTS (Bitshares.) If you're going to deposit another coin you will have to exchange it to BTS in order to buy SMOKE and you will pay a bad price because of the low volume and the big differences between buy orders and sell orders.

You can use Binance to buy BTS with other coins/tokens or if you have Steem you can easily use Blocktrades.

When you register on Rudex, you will have to chose an account name which will became your BTS adress. If you have BTS in Binance withdraw it to your account name (in my case jwolf1) which you choose and if you have steem I will show you next how to use blocktrades.

Go at and chose Coin to send Steem & coin to receive BTS.

This is the link of the market SMOKE-BTS( and let's say you want to buy 100 SMOKE.

Looking at the sell orders (red price) you will need around 80 BTS for 100 SMOKE.


Now we are going back to Blocktrades and we will see how much Steem we will need for 80 BTS. At the price of writing this post I will need 12 Steem.


The next step is to write at receiving adress your account name which you choose when you created your rudex account and then click on 'get deposit adress'.


Then click on Manual Transfer.

And go on Steemit to complete the transfer.


In few seconds you will see your transfer is completed on blocktrades tab and BTS is now in your rudex account.


Now that you have the BTS in your rudex account let's buy some SMOKE. You can manually add the price and the quantity you want to buy or you can click on each order and the spaces are filled automatically.


Click Buy, introduce your password (which you saved it very safely), confirm the order and you just bought your first SMOKE.


Continue to buy the other SMOKE using the same steps. If something happens and the order is not going through, just refresh the page, cancel your order and try again with the existent sell orders. (this is because other people bought the smoke before you and the sell order doesn't exist anymore.)


Now that you have a minimum of 100 SMOKE, you want to power it up so you will have a bigger upsmoke on Go here, select the coin you want to withdraw SMOKE and click on withdraw now.


Complete with the amount of SMOKE you want to withdraw and at adress write your username (in my case jwolf). No memo is needed.


Click withdraw, add your rudex password, click confirm and in few minutes you will see the SMOKE in your account.



That's it for today Smokers. Don't forget to upsmoke & resmoke so everyone who want to buy Smoke and is confused will see this post.

If you still have any questions, don't hesitate to comment below.


Enjoy your day, life is short!

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Selling Steem for Smoke, will be useful for a lot of people here.

I would do the same, but I don't have any reasonable amount of Steem left.

Great and useful guide for newbies, keep the good work.


Thanks a lot!

Good one but man is too complicated, need video.


Read again, probably relax and read when you're up. Things like this aren't easy to make video for.


I do not think, video is needed !


Video is needed but this is a team work. You can make one too. I am busy wetting the weed someone else should pick the video work.. 😂😉🌱


If you do it step by step as I did it you will see it's easy

Excellent tutorial!


Thank you!

It is very easy and simplified,I have tried BTS -smoke on bitshares but it was kinda confusing so I stopped,I will give this a try soon

Thanks for the awesome tutorial


Thanks, let me know if you have questions!

This would be super useful if I had some extra cash LOL

awesome! thank you @jwolf , it's something i was searching for !


Now, I hope that everything clear for you.


I am glad it helps. Let me know if yoy have any questions!

Meanwhile are much more easy ways to handle it...
Check out and
Add here in the project a bit code and all have it easy.. :)
I use mostly *BUC ...
Regards.. Buschi

Very good guide with detailed informations for all the members who want to buy SMOKE! Congratulations @jwolf and Happy SMOKE !!!


Very good timing, I was just skimming through bookmarks searching for a similar post without much success, the other day! Seems I did not bookmark it the first time around... Much appreciated! Great Work!



Thank you! I am glad it helps

useful & great tutorial , resmoked

Wow! Thanks for a comprehensive tutorial. I have not traded yet... I only traded steem on bittrex,,, might as well try when my account is already ready...