How To Start A New Witness With Hotbox 2.0.0

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Watch the Video Tutorial on Bitchute

If at anytime while using this guide, these instructions are unclear or you get stuck please message me on Discord. You can find be me in the Discord group as "J. R. Swab".

  1. Use the official instructions to install Docker for ubuntu
  2. Clone the Hotbox Git repository: git pull
  3. cd hotbox
  4. docker pull jrswab/hotbox
  5. ./
    • To specify ports just add them directly after eg. ./ 20001 28090
    • If no ports are specified the script will expose port 2001 to 20001 and port 8090 to 28090.
  6. ./
  7. set_password *PickPassphrase*
  8. import_key *Your Smoke Private Active Key*
  9. suggest_brain_key
    • This will give you three keys. A private brain key (all words), a private WIF, and a Public WIF in that order from top to bottom.
    • Save these in a safe place. If you can I recommend encrypting them.
  10. import_key *Private WIF*
    • Use the private WIF from the suggested brain key command above.
  11. ctrl+b c to open a new Tmux window
  12. config.ini
    • Vim is also included in the Docker if you prefer that editor. Use config.ini vim
  13. Find the line that says #witness =
    • remove the # and add your Smoke username
    • eg. witness = "jrswab"
    • Quotes are required.
  14. Find the line that says #private-key =
    • remove the # and add your private WIF we got from the wallet in step 10.
    • eg. private-key = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    • No quotes around the key.
  15. Save and exit the config
    • In nano: ctrl + x then y to save the press enter to execute.
  16. ./
    • Now the witness is running. Wait until you see handled block ] Got 1 transactions on block showing on the screen. Once you see them you can now enable your witness.
  17. ctrl+b 0 to go back to the screen with your wallet.
  18. update_witness "username" "url" "Public Key" {} true
    • Replace username and url with your information.
    • The "Public Key" is the public key we got from the wallet in step 10.
    • Copy and paste the command into the CLI_Wallet.
    • Wait for it to broadcast. You will see some yellow words scroll by and then a group of grayish-white text.

Now you can go back to the feed with ctrl+b 1 to see the blocks!
Congrats! You are a witness now!

To detach from the Hotbox

  1. ctrl+b c to open a new Tmux window (needed to detach).
  2. ctrl+h to detach the docker to the background of your server

To enter the Hotbox

  1. ./ (after typing this it may look like it hangs. Just press enter and you will see the docker prompt.)
  2. If it looks like it hangs, if so just press enter to view the prompt

Check if Hotbox is Running

  • docker container ps -a.
    • You should see something like: 8753ea10189a jrswab/hotbox "/bin/bash" 22 minutes ago Up 22 minutes>2001/tcp,>8090/tcp hotbox
    • If you see the work "exited" your Hotbox is not running. To restart, run:
      • docker rm hotbox

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You know, setting this up looks simple, until you consider that I have no idea what any of this means...LOL
If it was vacuum tubes, then I would understand it...


vacuum tubes suck!






I remember setting up mine. @graylan was up until 3 am with me while we were setting up my witness ;)

Running the hotbox, can we get error reports, like those shared memory errors? Also, Great work JR!! Appreciate all you do in smoke.


Running the hotbox, can we get error reports, like those shared memory errors?

Sure! I'll look into adding the feature.

Thanks @jrswab, that's really a helpful post.


You're welcome. Let me know if there is any thing you need.