Did Your Witness Break After Updating to 8G? If So Do This.

2 years ago


If you updated config.ini to 8G and you are seeing errors related to permissions; try what follows.

I have heard this happened to two people so far and am sure more of you may have ran into these errors.

(ps. this is not related to the Hotbox both people I talked to don't even use the hotbox)

If you are not using the the Hotbox:

(This also applies if you are using Hotbox v1)

  1. disable your witness then close smoked with ctrl+c
  2. cd witness_node_data_dir
  3. delete the blockchain dir
  4. then restart smoked
  5. Re-enable the witness once you are caught up

If you are using Hotbox V2

This should not be an issue and if it is pleas DM me on Discord so I can work out the solution with you.

#witness #howto #smoke #hotbox

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