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With cannabis currently going mainstream and endless hours of researches given to it, we have seen discoveries of new strains, we are now familiar with varieties of strains and the effects that follows the. With that been said, there is no doubt that modern day cannabis is nothing like it was ten years ago.

But do you know there are certain foods you can eat to hack and enhance your high to a more preferred mode?
Try the tips below, get stoned, come share your testimonies, repeat.



Taking raw mangoes 30 minutes before smoking your blunt bowl or dab can get you high as kite, mangoes has "myrcene" which is fond of THC(the high in weed) also has an extended list of health edges, and once combined with cannabis it facilitates an extra baked feeling that helps relieve additional pain and induce additional high spirits.

Mangoes are also known for helping a clean skin and preventing cancer.

Tbh, using mangoes to enhance the recreational use of cannabis is topping the game.
Think about giving it a try maybe when you are back from work, munch on a mongo with your partner or friends before you light up 😍😘 and your testimony is sure.



Nuts are high in omega 3 acids which blend perfectly with the cannabinoids in marijuana, this will help twerk your high and make it last even more longer.
Nuts are very healthy, it helps you maintain a healthy heart so keep eating nuts, keep smoking your weed perfect combo isn't it?



Yeah yeah!! They are high in vitamins E and B, they help put you in a better mood, suggest it to your friends using cannabis to help treat depression, its a perfect comb. Makes you want to roll another, your will definitely feel euphoria AF. try your favorite strain with this 👍



Loaded with vitamins and fibers, its also has monounsaturated fats that are THC soluble, try them for your high to get euphoria feelings, you can also use it to make healthy cannabis edible. It's a perfect way to get stoned during the day, makes you pretty wanna eat up some more ✌



I have combined the both "beer and weed" just once, not the best for me but, if you go well with beers then you are in for an extra high if you combine it with weed.

A study has proven that a drunk person with a cannabis high has a higher blood THC level than a person who did not drink, if you give this a try and get messed or making an ass out of yourself, drink some tea to help regain your mood and tranquility.
but Be careful you might pass out, so drink responsibly.
brings out tongue

There are various terpenes in cannabis, scout for new methods of getting high, pay attention on their effects and don't forget to share your experiences.

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Smoking while being drunk a lot it can make you puke. It all depends on how much alcohol the person can take. I have seen people puke after one beer and joint and people not puke after a night of heavy drinking and smoking, not feeling sick at all. But if you first get high as a kite and go drinking , it can be a blast. If you know your limits of course with the alcohol of course. I have never gotten drunk then smoked one and puked. It just lowers me down from the drunk state more to the high state. It's an interesting combination if you know how to combine them. What order and if you know your own limits in both drinking and smoking to dose it well. Drinking and smoking at the same time can also be fun. Back where I came from we would go drinking and smoking nearly every weekend. Summer was every day. We would get alcohol and most of the time someone would have some giggle grass. I would sometimes Inhale the toke and then drink a sip or two and then exhale. Dont know if it's a good idea. Probably not. Young and dumb. What can I say. But I never puked. Alcohol got me to puke perhaps 4 times in my 1/4 of a century lifetime.

About the nuts, I can't agree less to that. I normally use nuts either when drinking alcohol or marijuana. It always help me go along way than normal and also help me regain my mind back in time.


I eat nuts before and after smoking, really goes well with the high so i make sure they are not far fetched.


Ah! That's great. Nut is awesome and I love it.

Was familiar with mangoes and beer, alcohol in general, but the beer is one with the strongest downs of all I think...
But for me mango is enough as I prefer not to drink alcohol...
Tnx for info and...
Smoke on!


Beer doesn't really go well for me too, mangoes, chocolates, and nuts its cool for me.