How To Roll A Blunt - Century Sam Cigar Split and Rolled with King Tut Shake

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7 months ago

Blunts are nostalgic for me, I've been smoking them since just before I was out of high school. I do enjoy the extra kick from the tobacco wrap mixed with the ganja - feeling that fire in the chest. The tobacco smoke can be a bit harsh, it's not for everyone, but for me it's smooth hits with no stress.

The Right Cigars for Blunts

Some cigars are more suitable for rolling blunts than others. I'm not a fan of natural leaf wraps, I find them a bit harsh. In the States I enjoyed Phillies Blunts and Swisher Sweets. White Owls have a decent wrap in a pinch. In Ontario they have the Century Sam cigars that are perfect for splitting and rolling blunts.

How To Roll A Blunt

First things first, gotta get that cigar tobacco out of the wrap. I used to open up cigars by pinching down with my finger nails, but these days I carry a knife in my pocket - around the property - for cuttin' rope and splittin' blunts.

Split Blunt / Empty Wrap


King Tut Shake for Filling

I'll be filling up the blunt wrap with some shake from the King Tut bag - ooh so nice and crystally. The Tutankhamon Indica was gifted from a friend, more details about the comfortably numb strain on this post: Highlight of the Week: Tutankhamon bubble hash.

Rolls up just like a joint, but I find the large cigar wrap much easier.

Roll Blunt

Next up is the finishing touch.

Bonus. Wood Stove Quick Dry

Not a necessary step, but I like to give the rolled up blunt a quick dry on the edge of the wood stove. A lighter to give it a quick dry works well to. A well dried blunt wrap doesn't collapse when you hit it, so it hits nice and strong and easy. Careful, blunts can hit hard, I remind people to sip on them.


Ready for Blazin'

Light It Up

Smoke It

Back in the day I remember rolling up an almost cigar size blunt at a party. At least a dozen people in the circle, after a half hour had passed it was only burnt down half way. I do enjoy sitting back, taking my time, sipping on a blunt.

Have a Great Day!

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Now ladies and gentlemen this is how you roll a blunt.
I remember we used to smoke them when we were kids and when we was much much cheaper than today. Haven't done myself one for a long time.


No doubt, I remember when they were $3 per 5-pack 25 years ago, then after a couple rounds of taxes they're up to $12 a pack now - more of an occasional enjoyment these days.


we payed for a kilo of weed around 150e

Nice Blunt rolling skills you have there!! We smoke blunts mostly here at home, although when it comes to higher grade strains i try to stick with papers and bowls!

You could call this the "complete idiot's guide to roll a blunt". Maybe Dorling Kindersley (DK) will want to buy the publishing rights ;)


Haha yeah it breaks down every step - for the beginners or the curious :)

I`ll pass on the blunts, myself, but this is a great post :)


Thanks :)

That's a great way to enjoy when the ingredients such as shake are available. Been a while, last time I rolled a blunt was in Amsterdam ... I like to have PLENTY to stoke it with and it's a day of complete stoned bliss with just the one :)

Very nice presentation of how to roll a blunt.
We used to use blunts with vanilla taste and such. It was a nice touch to it.