How To Mod A Puffco Peak

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Things you'll find in this article:
  • Increasing heat from the atomizer.
  • Making the glass topper light up.
  • Make dabs leave less puddle.
  • Get more flavor from each dab.
  • Replace your atomizers for a fraction of the cost
  • Customize your Glass Topper.

How to Increase The Heat of Your Puffco Peak

Have you ever needed or wanted a different temperature, other than the 4 preset heat settings that come with the Peak?


Well if you're familiar with the device, you know how the button and haptic feedback work. You hold down the button to turn it on and off, click once to cycle to the next heat setting, double click to engage the heat setting and wait for the triple vibration to hit the dab. You can also double click again to keep the heat going for another 20 seconds, though this doesn't increase the heat (actually the extension time often seems very lacking in heat).

If you are interested in getting just a bit more heat out of your Peak?

Here's How:

  • Double click to engage the desired heat cycle.

  • Once heat up time is complete and you feel the 3 vibrations, hold the button down and wait for a single vibration.

  • Then double click again to re-engage the heat cycle.

  • Wait for the triple vibration.

  • That's it! You now have a much hotter, more evenly heated cup to drop your dab into.

Confused about what just happened? Here's a breakdown:

After a standard heat cycle, the button is held down to shut the cycle off. Holding the button down will typically turn the whole unit on or off - except when there is a heat cycle, it just reverts to "on".
By the time you double click again to re-engage, the atomizer has had no time to cool down.
Not only are you extending the heat time, which will give a more even heat along the walls of the dab cup. You are also adding extra heat to a ceramic dish, or whichever cup you own (quartz, titanium, ruby or SiC), that is already hot enough to melt a dab.

Rough temperature breakdown:

The single blue setting will always be the lowest, but this tip is about getting more heat - not less.

Double blue is hotter than blue & green but cooler than red.

Double green is hotter than blue, green & red but cooler than white.

Double red is hotter than all of the above.

Double white is glowing red hot. Only needed for MASSIVE dabs. Which are now achievable with this nifty little method.

As you can see, there are now 8 heat settings to choose from instead of just 4.

Caution: This hack could possibly shorten the life span of your atomizer. Though, I have been using this method for months on the same atomizer with no issues.

How to Make Your Glass Topper Light Up

This is one of those mods that you can't go back from, it will absolutely void your warranty. If that's something you can't handle, your only other option is to purchase a special edition light up base from Puffco. If you don't mind voiding the warranty and getting hands-on, then continue reading.


Things you'll need for this Mod.

  • A razor blade.
  • Crystal Clear Silicone

Start by turning the device off, then removing the glass topper and atomizer.

Give it a quick clean with some 99% Isopropyl (Rubbing Alcohol).

Once clean and dry, your base is ready to be modded.

Take your razor, and cut a hole into the silicone where the bottom of the glass sits. Be sure to leave some seating for the glass.


Once removed, there is a plastic housing protecting the inner electronics. This plastic is sometimes covered in a black coating, which can be wiped away with Isopropyl (Rubbing Alcohol) or Acetone (Nail Polish Remover). Make sure to wipe away and not to pour anything into the base. The electronics are now exposed and vulnerable.

After the coating has been wiped away, you should put down some crystal clear silicone to further protect the inner electronics from water leaks or resin build-up. Only the middle hole is needed.

Wait for the silicone to dry.

Place the glass topper back on the base, and turn it on. You now have a "Lightning" Peak!

My Peak after modding

Make Dabs Leave Less Puddle

Many have been underwhelmed by the stock Puffco accessories that come with the Peak.

If you have found that your dabs have been leaving more puddle to be cleaned than you'd like - you are not alone.


The good news is - you have some solutions!

Solution 1.
Well if this isn't the most obvious cop-out answer you'll ever see. Still though, it needs to be said.
Try using a higher heat setting. If you're using the highest heat setting, see Hack #1 above.

OK, fine... That probably wasn't the answer you were looking for, let's move on.

Solution 2.
Use a different carb cap. Plain and simple, the stock carb cap from Puffco is just.. Meh..

Puffco Stock Carb-Cap

A good step up is any directional bubble cap that will fit. The Peak's atomizer is a bit smaller than any standard nail/banger. You will definitely need a smaller sized carb cap.

Bubble Caps

Even better still, is a "RipTide" type carp cap. These will spin the dab around without the need to aim a directional cap. They are the carb caps that spin "Terp Pearls". Though, in my experience, the addition of terp pearls to the Peak's little atomizer cup adds very little to the dab. RipTides definitely don't spin the terp pearls in the Peak. What it DOES do though, is cyclone your dab around the atomizer cup, to achieve a much better vapor production. Resulting in very little (or no) wasted dab left behind.

Riptide Carb-Caps

If you are trying to take a substantially bigger sized dab - you may not be able to fix your puddle problem with a higher quality carb cap. I've found the biggest dabs I can take (without using the "extra heat hack" above) is roughly 0.15g. Maybe 0.2g using a "Gordo Scientific" Riptide style carb cap.

Once employing the "Extra Heat Hack" the size can go up to as high as 0.35g (and probably higher - as I don't dab that large).

Getting More Flavor Out of Your Dab

If you are using the stock ceramic cup, then I urge you to try a quartz cup - or ruby if you can afford it.
They even have Titanium and SiC versions available - if that's what you prefer.

Stock Puffco Peak Ceramic Cups

Quartz, Ruby & SiC (Silicone Carbide) have a higher heat coefficient, giving you a more evenly heated cup that holds it's temperature for longer.
Which results in less waste (less puddle) aswell as being more flavorful.


There have been claims that there is an "off taste" to the stock ceramic cup supplied with the Peak. I have never experienced the off taste from the stock cup, but I also seasoned it before use. It's unclear if the same method was employed on the units where the claims have been made.

Either way, it definitely doesn't hurt to pick up a decent third-party cup insert.

Replace Your Atomizers At a Discount

If you use the Peak often, you are aware at how delicate the atomizer can be. Ofcourse - with proper care, they can last quite awhile longer.
Accidents happen though, and when you rely on the device for vaporizing - a broken/faulty atomizer can be a huge let down. At roughly $50 US per atomizer, replacing them often can burn a huge hole in your budget as well.

Puffco Peak Atomizer ($50 US)

A cheaper way to fix your issue is too... Well... Fix your issue! Take apart the atomizer, and replace only the ceramic heat plate. You can buy the heat plates online for around $45 per 15 or so (depending on the seller). So, basically for the price of one replacement atomizer - you get ~15 replacements. Not only that, but you get an option of 0.5ohm and 0.8ohm - further customizing your heating potential! Don't worry there is no wrong answer between 0.5ohm and 0.8ohm. Only personal preference.
Try half and half of each if you are unsure.


On a broken or faulty atomizer, the only part that can actually fail is the ceramic plate. So rest assured when you have a stock pile of 10 ceramic plates ready to go. Your device will remain at peak performance for a very long time - especially if you take extra care with the atomizers.

Customize Your Glass Topper

Again, this one might seem like an overly obvious (and potentially useless) piece of information.
For the sake of completeness though, I'm putting it in.

Some of the solutions for customizing your glass topper aren't very creative, others aren't very affordable. Though, they do exist.

Solution 1.


Custom wrap from places like Amazon. There are actually some pretty cool wraps available. To the point I've been thinking about trying one out. Though, since I have no experience with these - I cannot attest to the actual look or ease of application. This is one of the cheapest options if you want a more unique glass topper.


You can find some of these wraps for as low as $5 online.


Solution 2.
Colored glass toppers are another option. These are ofcourse longer lasting than the previous solution, but at a higher cost. These are offered both officially by Puffco ($130 US) , as well as unofficially by third-party shops ($25 - $60 US).

images (5).jpeg
Puffco Glass

images (4).jpeg
Third-Party Glass

Solution 3.
Custom made glass toppers are by far the most unique option. Though at a much higher cost (with some artists charging as high as $10,000 US), you are likely to have the "one and only" unique glass piece. These have a wide range in styles, intricacies and prices. Ranging from $500 - $10,000 US in price.


Take a look at the Puffco Glass Open tournament for glass artists to view some incredible work, and get an idea of what you can find out there.

Solution 4.
OK, so I actually just came up with this one while writing this article. I'm 100% going to try it now though🤣.

DIY Glass etching - should be especially good for light-up bases.

Start by taping up the topper. Covering every inch, even blocking the mouth piece and intake holes with tape.

Draw the design that you want to see etched onto the glass.

Using a razor blade, cut out the design you drew. Make sure to leave tape behind where you want the glass to remain smooth and shiny!

Once finished cutting out your design, apply your acid etching product (can be found at almost any craft store). Paint it on every exposed area of glass and leave it on as directed by your etching product. Do not dip/dump the etching liquid - as it could penetrate the cracks and crevices of your tape barrier. Leaving you with a permanent design mistake.

Solution 5.
Slap some stickers on it?
I know... It's lame... Don't slap me!

That's the end of the list!

Thanks For Reading!


I am not a paid promoter, nor is this article about advertising the product. I own a couple of these units, and thought I would share some (useful?) information about owning & using them.

Though some tips and customizations are endorsed and offered by Puffco. None of the mods are recommended by Puffco.

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