Vintage Smoke: Build a Film Cannon

2 years ago

Growing up, one of my favorite things to build were tiny film cannons. Today I was inspired by @amberyooper to write a Vintage Smoke post. So I would like to share with you a fun, easy to do project that anyone can create using spare things lying around their house. These cannons are easy to use and build and even are sometimes brought into educate science classrooms. Although, I just thought they were always a good laugh and were a "blast" to build and fire.

  1. Start off by gathering a drill with small diameter bit, a few used film canisters (plastic kind), a block of wood or something you want to use as a cannon base, a grill lighter and lastly a sprayer bottle full of alcohol.
  2. With the drill puncture two holes big enough for small gauge wire, through your film canister cap.
  3. Take the drill and push two holes through cap and the block of wood while carefully holding the cap in place.
  4. Disassemble the grill lighter, remove the igniter , and switch, place the wires through the wood and film cap, while attaching the switch, making sure get a firm click/spark through the film cap.
  5. Load your cannon with a test spray of alcohol and test fire (only try this outside, see disclaimer).

YouTuber Bruce Yeany showcases his cannon build. He also shows how he loads up his canister.

Some examples of other finished products.

Picture5 (1).jpg


Disclaimer:Attempt at your own risk. Always use caution when firing cannons. Only fire them outside and during wet conditions.
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Oh man, I'd like to make one of those just to freak out the cats! LOL
It's like a miniature potato cannon. LOL


Haha yeah, that will do the trick. If you follow what Bruce says in his video and only put a tiny amount of alcohol you could in theory fire it inside even :D .