The ultimate guide to making cannabis oil

5 months ago

I'm here to share with you another nice and interesting video I saw on YouTube titled the ultimate guide to making cannabis oil.

As will all know, cannabis oil has a lot of benefits and it will great we can all make it.

Watch and enjoy the video

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Hey! I notice your new on smoke io! Welcome. My name is Francesca @prettynicevideo or Dabby, or Dudette. Lol. Anyhow, can i make a suggestion? Ithink sharing a video is great. But what may have made this post recieved more upvotes, Was if maybe you applied this technique and you showed us how your results came out. I want you to be successful on the platform. So while you're not plagiarizing at all, it's easy to see that all you're doing is in bedding a YouTube video. Invest more times in your post. Or try some of the things that you share and then share it with the post. Just giving you a little friendly advice and if you have any questions feel free to contact me.


friendly, indeed. It's the nicest comment concerning this topic so far … from what I've seen. :) Welcome, @fatherfaith! I hope you'll have a wonderful time on the blockchain!

Interesting is, he only heats until 110°C for 1,5 hour to decarboxylate and not harm other ingredients.

Using the sun for an hour, to remove chlorophyll, was also very smart.