Backyard Cannabis Farming 2019 Episode 5: Transplanting into Final Grow Space, Topping, & Animal Fencing

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In today's episode I explain why it is important to time your transplanting correctly according to the weather, how to top your plants, why topping and transplanting at the same time is recommended, and finally complete my secondary animal fence by adding the last T-post to complete the "door" to that part of the garden.

Here is the series so far:

Episode 1: Planning Your Grow

Episode 2: Transplanting Cannabis, Organic Pest Control, Strain Varieties

Episode 3: Preparing Your Grow Space, Treating Burnt Plants

Episode 4: Optimal Organic Soil Formula, Creating a Raised In-Ground Bed, Protective Fencing - Minimizing Energy Consumption & Repurposing Materials

Please enjoy episode 5 of this year's Backyard Cannabis Farming series. Hopefully we all acquire wisdom for growing cannabis effectively and organically together.

From May 24th - 25th 2019

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Our blackberries are also coming in nicely


Bless & Blaze Up Bredren


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I was expecting the episode late but a bonus for me as i was waiting it eagerly haha!

And i can collect some tips from you but a quick question friend, like which is the most important ingredients for the soil according to you that should be mandate to put on as i think i will not be able to collect all of them.


hmmm, that is a tough question as many ingredients are essential to a truly nutritious/problem preventative blend. If I had to pick one however, it would be mushroom compost, and then my second pick would be bat guano (much harder to acquire and more expensive), but you should not use too much of either as it could nitrogen burn your plants if you do.


Thanks friend, i have noted down in my dairy and i will surely be implementing it as per your advise :)

EDIT: Topping and Transplanting simultaneously is ideal - give it all the stress at once - it's better for your plants.

Them ladies looking nice in their new mansions. :D really looking forward to watching these grow out. #5poundsper


Thank you, & I as well.