Backyard Cannabis Farming 2019 - Episode 11: Bamboo Branch Support, Blocking Light Leaks, Switch to Bloom Nutrients, & Beginnings of Greenhouse Construction

11 months ago

In this episode, I go over the timing of my switch from veg ("grow") nutrients to bloom (flower) nutrients. I also demonstrate how I installed structural bamboo and ties to assist with branch support in anticipation of developing flowers, and extra weight along with it.

Have you ever seen leaves grow like this??


I also show my fabricated system for blocking a light leak coming into my garden from a nearby neighbor's house. This is essential so that your plants can sleep, and do not get confused into thinking that it is still veg time. Extended light leaks during flower can also lead to your plants becoming too stressed, and morphing into hermaphrodites ("herming out"), which will cause them to develop the oh-so dreaded undesired seeds.

I conclude by showing the beginning stages of my makeshift greenhouse construction, the purpose of which is to provide rain protection for the flowering plants, as moisture will soon set in late next month (September).




I also wanted to note that when I unearthed the root ball after taking down that gargantuan 7 ft. tall Vampire plant, there was absolutely no signs of even the beginning stages of root rot (Pythium). Seeing these healthy roots was quite a relief from worry about the rest of the garden, as it seems the nute burn/lockout did not spur this dreaded plant disease.

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Episode 10: Organic Pest Control Applications, Flushing, & the Delicate Healing of Nutrient Burn Combined with Potential Root Rot


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Trailer Park Boys Style

Please enjoy episode 11 of this year's Backyard Cannabis Farming series. Hopefully we all acquire wisdom for growing cannabis effectively and organically together.

From 8/19/2019

First Bloom Feeding 8/13 - A few days late

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Bless & Blaze Up Bredren


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These ladies are looking amazing. You are going to need a LOT more bamboo. When those monster colas start grow those branches are going to need a lot of help. I see you having to use that whole tent you have there as a drying space lol. The sweet smell that going to be coming out of your yard in the next few weeks is going to be crazy.


Oh I know, I have already put up a bunch more bamboo pieces, but when it comes to supporting bud weight on potted plants beyond what is already being used for plant structure support, I usually apply as needed, and as it comes. I wish I could get netting in there, but there is just not enough room, I will be putting netting on the back plants though. Wait till you see how much more bamboo there is now after a crucial wind storm blew through here a few days ago and tried to rip my babies out of the soil!

Never had mutant leaves like that before, mutant for sure, looks like sharkish!


Yea I have no idea how that happened, and its only two leaves I found like this, on one area, of one plant. Strange but also cool.


Life uh.. Finds a way


Indeed it does, and has, I want to find out the adaptive reasoning for it to better understand the plant.

Your babies are very healthy.