How to use SMOKEBIT (BitShares mini-guide) ANNDDDD!!! ..... LOGO CONTEST WIN 120 SMOKEBIT!!!!

6 months ago


Start with a BitShares account - General Advice!

click to go to bitshares

(friends ref and faucet link here for you to use, from the very ones that bought myself here!)

Why open a BitShares account? Well, if you are on SMOKE and want to play with Cryptocurrency, I can assure you this will be a great help. Same goes if you are on WhaleShares. Later when you stack all those tokens or see other projects starting up, BitShares is the exchange where all of them can be traded. If you have enough then you can send them off to other CEX that will cashout for you. That will be covered in a later episode!

  • BitShares lets you store all kinds of digital assets and tokens for use on other networks like SMOKE
  • BitShares is the worlds first decentralized exchange, and lets users create their own tokens for a fee
  • BitShares is already home to other 'whale' Toke(ns) like CANNABIT and yet more on the WhaleShares network, as cross-chain community rewards that can help more good content creation and curation to be well rewarded, or earned to boost and get your own blog noticed.
  • You'll later perhaps have a lot of SMOKE and want to trade it for other tokens for other projects ... BitShares is the place to do it

Ok, I think I need me a BTS account then!

Good call. Simply click the above to open, just be sure to store your password really safe. Just as with SMOKE Network, your password cannot be recovered. Then of course, don't forget your account name also. Open a BitShares account.

Click on 'Create account' on BitShares, set your account name and save the password - that's about it!

If you aren't sure whether to open a cloud or local account, just open a cloud account.

opening a bitshares account

Funding a BitShares account

There are several ways to do this

  • Binance and buy BTS and send it to yourself (withdraw): Check the instructions in Binance
  • Beg borrow or request BTS from someone you know has some (you only need 1-2 to get started)
  • Deposit a smidgen of your other crypto BTC/ETH etc through one of the higher volume gateways like open.BTC or bridge.BTC

If in doubt, ask ... I should be around to answer in the comments or catch me in a more recent post and refer back to this guide.

funding bitshares accounts with other cryptos you can trade for BTS is easy


You can send them to anyone else with a BitShares account, and they can use the rest of this guide to work it out. To do so, just enter their name in the 'to' field. Or you can send it to the bot, official-smokebot, for an UpSmoke on the blockchain by placing your post URL in the memo.

By the way, Fuzzy who?

You can only get a maximum 5% UpSmoke from him, and the SMOKEBIT is sponsored by @officialfuzzy, someone around for a lot longer than many of us i.e. since the founding days of BitShares when even Bitcoin was pretty new to the world.

Don't use more than 5

Use 1,2,3,4, or even 5, on a single post. Should you send more, the official-smokeBOT will simply eat them - rules are rules. Robots are robots.

You can only #SMOKEBIT to official-smokebot for the UpSmokes. Any other account will not do anything, but of course anyone can use them.


The BTS dashboard once you have logged in - note where my SMOKEBIT is just below some 'FUNCOIN' (whatever that is) and then we have Send buttons

Alright let's get on with sending these!

As with any transaction on a decentralized blockchain, check and check again. Mostly a visual description to come - in our example today, we check it is sent to exactly the right person, we check we send SMOKEBIT and not BITCOIN, and we create a proper memo and have some BTS to pay the fee. Trust me, it's better than using a bank :{]

ok i went crazy with the highlighter

Hopefully you get the idea in the pointers above. If not, here's one more as we're about to hit the 'send' button:

That's smokeBIT to official-smokeBOT ... Bit ... Bot GOT THAT?

Quite easy really ...

Watch for the cool little notification as it goes through

Switch to the 'Activity' tab to see it happening

Once the confirmations are finished few secs to a under a minute depending on how busy the traffic/your node latency to relay (but actual tx is done in under 1.5 secs).

UpSmokes will appear as being from @officialfuzzy ... as expected!

*Checking the post UpSmokes in *

All done!

Enjoy using your SMOKEBIT


And now ....


WIN 120 SMOKEBIT + UpSmokes + 200 SMOKE

Just enter the competition using the hashtags #smokebit-logo #contest #easyrider
Preference will be given to professional delivery which means image in png transparent hi-resolution/dpi in different sizes ... you know what to do!

My entry is just an idea and was originally created from an experiment using dreamgenerator AI - feel free to take it as the concept, and turn it into the real SMOKEBIT logo i.e. including text or anything else.

[Runners Up Pool 180 SMOKEBIT]

Make sure your entries include a bitshares account name to receive the rewards!!!

my entry for a SMOKEBIT logo - can you top it? Time for a contest!

Struggle keeping track of witnesses? Let @easyrider do it for you ... just add me as your proxy and it will be taken care of.

Spotted a witness being a jerk? Missing blocks? Let me know in Discord my handle is " easyrider/ "


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smokebit contest 29.png

bts: mary-jane


Hey that’s cool!! Will put full post together for the contest also, just getting the word out first!


Awesome! I have a few ideas . . . so count me in!! ❤

Wow! The entries pouring in here are phenomenal! As it’s going to be the weekend soon, finally I can actually look at what is happening rather than me hasty #nugporn show ... get these curated into a post and keep this contest running just a little longer. There will be awards ... now to get hold of judges !

I personally don't like bots selling votes it is what destroyed the experience on steemit. I wouldn't mind so much if you could only buy votes for posts that are not of your own.


Voting bots are thin ice.


This is not a voting bot. Also you say thin ice, in another comment you ask how to buy them. I never anywhere said you could buy them (as in voting bot). It is a community cross-chain reward token NOT FOR SALE.


Thanks for making it more clear, how Smokebits work.

I asked how to get it, not how to buy it. ;)


It is not selling votes - ever.


I don't see how it isn't buying a vote. It is using a bts based token smokebit to buy it. Even if someone manually does the voting and not a bot it is selling a vote. I also find it selling a vote even if you are given the smokebit. What else do you call giving some cryptos and include the link for a vote? I call that selling votes for profit..

I personally would never use them for self voting and that will end up being the issue. Officalfuzzy should really consider making these not available for self voting. Then I wouldn't have issues with it myself. Buying votes ruined the experience on steemit I don't want to see it ruin the experience on smoke too


The idea is to use them as a community reward token. Another way of looking at it is Fuzzy has delegated a limited amount of his own voting (UpSmoke) or 'SP' to me to distribute and help him use his very powerful UpSmokes, otherwise going to waste sitting on 100% reserve.

Again - They are not for sale, you cannot buy or trade them on BitShares at this time. It is also limited to 5% of officialfuzzy vote power on any one post, as more would be a danger. He decided to make them for rewards distribution, where he is a founder of the network and has a large stake (number of SMOKE tokens) in it, to give more then needed away or sell/trade them on BitShares would be dangerous (someone could make themselves a whale by self-voting with them).

All your concerns are well noted, and the SMOKEBIT is taking care to ensure these tokens cannot or will not be abused. It is also possible to blacklist anyone the first time they are. They will only be donated to people as rewards for contest participation, creating original content, and any general community tasks or contributions deemed worthy.

I hope this helps and indeed nobody wants to see the experience ruined in ways like it did STEEMIT. Vote selling bots will not be allowed on SMOKE afaik.

Cross-Chain reward tokens are a concept that differs entirely from vote buying bots, we may also want to allow Cannabis businesses create their own reward tokens by staking on the network, which users will be able to earn from blogging or promoting them. All this goes towards a greater plan ...... don't forget this is also a business network and co-op powered by blockchain in the long run.


Let’s hope it will be easier to educate future businesses about HODLing and powering up than about creating a token.

Tokens will always end up being sold [by some] and then the thin line becomes microscopic. The so-called hostile behavior becomes an even bigger threat when rewards, especially of a financial nature, are in play.

This is not a criticism on Fuzzy’s token btw.


To me regardless of how it is packaged it is voting selling. Like I have said if you couldn't self vote I wouldn't have issues with it but it is the fact people can use the tokens to self vote, it will be abused as similar things have been abused before on other blockchains. In theory it sounds good but in application unless you can not use them on your own post I see it being abused. I maybe wrong and it won't be abused. But from what I have seen on other platforms it will be. Because people can buy and sell any token on bts site so what will stop people from selling their smokebit so it isn't like people can't buy the token, even if not many are available there will be peopling buying and selling it taking advantage and finding the loop holes.

The one thing the blockchain has taught me is that even though the majority of users are giving people who would rather give than receive there are also a handful of users who will exploit these type of programs, so that is where my concern comes from.


How many times of they are only given to ones making valuable contributions on the network and they are not available to sell or use for “vote buying” and also I have stated, anyone abusing them will be blacklisted .... enough before one of us sounds like a broken record. You are also incorrect on BitShares knowledge, UIAs are able to have all kinds of flags set to prevent anyone being able to buy them - try and buy some, you can’t.


and if you do happen to see anyone abusing SMOKEBIT, send a message to @officialfuzzy - see what fact go view his comments from 12 days ago doing just that.


Oh I do understand all of that but what I also understand that someone has a buy order in for smokebit right now in openledger there's nobody selling but somebody does have a buy order in and there will be somebody that's greedy that gets those that will sell them.

hello my second post for your contest, also i have some other designs in the post 🙂🤗


BTS : happy7


smokebit (transparent).png

Bts : zed-ge


bts: mary-jane

My #1 entry

Logo on white background
n ufaz.png

Transparent logo
ufaz 1.png

Bts: pfzzz

Good post very throughly explained

I love the contest !! I will be part of it !! wait for my entry!


Awesome - Will do another separate post about it tonight. Thank you. I'm also accepting judging offers!

Now, I have a feeling I asked this question too many times.


Especially for you buddy! Kidding and no, I wanted to do it anyway. I hope to help more people on Smoke understand the entire eco-system starting from BitShares.

For me using the Tokens is simple, though I am glad to know about the 5 token limit before wasting my time.

What I want to know is the process to tie a Token to a Smoke account for upvoting. I am working in some additional Whaleshares projects and getting my account there to 10k stake before I create my own Token there. A Colleague there has been trying to figure out to make his Business Community Token work on Smoke.

These Community Tokens backed by Stake has the potential create multiple Economies within the platform, and if Businesses can perform business in the form of a Community Token Backed by the voting power they hold, it makes the platform more valuable to them as they buy Smoke and power up their Token... or they can sell for other community Tokens when the value of 1 token is worth 1 or more Smoke 5hey can make their money back at a faster rate by listing prices in said Tokens.

My additional projects intend to build Whaleshares Market Cap for the sake of creating these economies. Without the use of Smoke Community Tokens, I would have to stabilize the value of the WLS before I could start using Smoke... if I have a Smoke Token to power up, I can introduce Smoke into my projects sooner.

How do you get smokebits ?
Didn't find any liquidity.


They are not for sale, you earn them or are given them by @officialfuzzy

My entries to smokebit logo design;
My second entry
Bitshares account: Merit-igbunu

Do we nneed to build on what you have done or do an entire new logo cause i saw one by @zedge


I'm invalidating myself from entering the contest, and therefore donating my design freely as a 'mock-up' idea' ... free to copy and improve upon, if you would like the original .psd file then I will soon make it available also.


So maybe the winning entry will be a professional production of my mock-up, or a completely unique idea. The winner will be determined on judging and UpSmokes. Let the contest begin!


BTS acc :Merit-igbunu

Fifth and Sixth entry
new smokebit trans.png

zedge trans small.png

Bts: zed-ge

I really like your post, no doubt that bitshares is amazing is a network of platforms interconnected by the same blockchain (rudex, cryptobridge, openledger is also the bank of the future

bts: mary-jane

Luv it!!  Resmoked ❤



Bts: pfzzz

My third entry


third trans.png

Bts: zed-ge

If I heard a call for witness/judging help: I would like to step forward (for @cannaweedness).


bts: mary-jane

Hello, this is my second entry

second trans.png
Bts : zed-ge

My fourth entry

fourth gray scale trans.png
fourth yyolo trans.png
Logos On transparent background

Bts: zed-ge

My #3 entry
merit small.png

Bts: merit-igbunu