Ideal Cannabis Storage

6 months ago

Stainless steel canister with an air plunger and lid which creates an airtight seal while also letting gasses escape. A 55%-65% humidity pack is also a nice touch.

The canister pictured is Airscape from Crate&Barrel, which I luckily found brand new at a local thrift store for only $2.50.


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I been seeing these humidity packs around


I just came across them back in October in a cultivation book by Nichole Graf. Very useful read no matter your skill level. I find they work pretty well but 55% might be slightly more on the drier side.

I use an airtight jar lots like that but my heart is plastic. Any specific reason for the stainless?


The terpenes can interact with plastic with prolonged contact. Same reason you won't find cannabis stored or sold in plastic at dispensaries, for the most part. Glass or steel is just cleaner overall. An added bonus is that you can boil the container clean when empty, and then you'll have a tasty tea as well.

I agree, a cannister with a airtight seal that let gasses escape and humidity pack make a ideal storage and for 2,50$ is not expensive.

What about vacuum seal jars?


Anything vacuum seal is cool as long as it isn't plastic and doesnt allow for light penetration, which degrades cannabinoids. If you happen to use a clear jar, just keep it in a dark place.