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Cannabis Culture In Nepal

I am not good at editing. This picture I made it for profile picture for my profile CCN. I'll write about the original photograph in the next post or at the bottom of this post. This old photograph is one of my best and about cannabis culture in my country Nepal.
I choose my username CCN for the short form of Cannabis Culture Nepal but after joining I find i can't have that long name. It it sad for me now because I need to use same handle but different name because I think this place same as steemit where we don't have such options.

How do I Find this place?

I knew about it from steemit before it was live, i even joined the bounty program but I forget everything because I wasnot active anymore on steemit. Few weeks ago someone posted about it in facebook. Then again I remember this platform and the bounty program I joined. Immetiately I checked my mail where i saw a link to claim the bounty but unfortunately it was expired.

Please do not take it in negative way but I just want to know if there is still some chance to claim my bounty reward??

What will i do here?

I will try make posts related to Cannabis Culture here in Nepal, that is all about my username too. I am expecting this place same like steemit but here we can post only about cannabis/smoke so I hope I am correct at this point. Please correct me if i am wrong. Any suggestions about the platform and posting here will be appreciated.

About the photograph in the profile picture

This is the original picture captured by Michael Schwab posted in flickr where he has written about it in description.I already told above this is one of my best photographs about cannabis culture in Nepal. Visit the link and you will see his other photographs too which were captured at the same time back in 1973 a Jomsom Nepal.

I ran into this beautiful woman on the Jomsom Trek. Her little son was with her carrying his own load.The picture was taken with a Minolta SLR, 135mm lens and scanned from Kodachrome slide film. Read More Here

test hashtags(please ignore)
** How many #hashtags can I use in a post??**

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to know if there is still some chance to claim my bounty reward??

I'm afraid that ship has sailed... Correct me if I'm wrong

How many #hashtags can I use in a post??

Five. Main tag as first and four additional...

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thanks a lot

Welcome to SMOKE... honestly it seems like you've got a pretty good idea what to expect here.. show us what you're working with..

hey there if you are steemnepal then I just want to let you know that we know each other very well.

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impressive, solti kata bata hora?


next time sangai basra tanam laa

Hey, I almost missed that! Warm welcome! I love the smirk on your face in that picture! Or is it your face? I didn't comprehend the picture part. :)

Whoever it is: It's a beautiful picture and a cool first post. Happy to have you around!

Welcome to the smoke network, looking forwards to your coverage of the Nepal cannabis movement 👍