#Canna-Curate Highlights Vol.1 - Amsterdam Travel Guide, Contests on smoke.io, Cannabis, Podcasts on GHRO

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#Canna-Curate Highlights Vol.1


Welcome to the first volume of the #canna-curate Highlights. This weekly post will highlighting GHRO Podcasts and selected smoke.io posts that have the #canna-curate tag or with the link dropped in the #smoke-self-promotion channel on the @canna-curate Discord (Invite). Authors from select highlighted posts will receive 42.0 SMOKE from @canna-curate - Many Thanks.

#canna-curate Highlights

Always a bounty of cannabis posts on smoke.io - this week brings an Amsterdam Travel Guide, multiple contests on smoke.io, and of course strain and smoking posts.

Travel guide of "Experiencing Amsterdam" + Menu with all the posts of the series to not miss one. - In this post @green-der brings together his multiple Amsterdam travel posts into a complete Amsterdam Travel Guide. Including accommodations, culture and entertainment, food, coffee shops, and more. For many, Amsterdam is the mecca of cannabis culture, this guide would help with that journey.

@grow-challenge - First Smoke.io Cannabis Grow Cup - Post 1 - @grow-challenge / @skylinebuds is bringing to smoke.io, the Cannabis Grow Cup. There will be many grow categories in this competition - a mix of indoor/outdoor, auto or not, and container size divisions. Check out the post and enter your grow into the Cannabis Grow Cup.

The Ultimate 4/20 Contest: Grand Prize is worth $420 USD - @tecnosgirl was a guest on the *The Jon & Blunt Show* podcast on GHRO last night - for one thing, she isn't necessarily into techno music because of her name. She was talking about her Ultimate 4/20 Contest on smoke.io - *Ultimate* is right, check out the post for the tasty prizes in this multiple week contest with winning announcements on April 20th - 4/20. @tecnosgirl has a drawer full of smoke.io gear, and the weekly #RoachSunday and other contests to dole it out - get some. I have fond memories of celebrating 4/20 in Ann Arbor Michigan, looking forward to celebrating this 4/20 with @tecnosgirl and smoke.io.

My top 100 Illinois Medical Cannabis Strains (#71-80) - @rawpride has reviewed just about a strain a day for the past few months, now he's publishing the combined buds of his labor. In this post he's reviewing 10 of his Top 100 Illinois Medical Cannabis Strains (#71-80). They like their strains strong in Illinois, some were upwards of 30% THC - niiice, check out @rawpride's top pick buds.

Rhythmical and Vibration Harmony - @zuculuz likes his spliffs, and is a self proclaimed bowl hound - can't get enough of them. In this post he lays out his favorite music selections for multiple situations "The list entailed in a general perspective my music taste and in no way consisted of my most favorite of songs." - I've be enjoying these tunes with recent smoke sessions, nice selection.

Milestone reached! 20k SMOKE. Huge THANKS to all that curate me! @psyceratopsb recently reached the 20k SMOKE milesone, @canna-curate celebrates with him - that's a lot of smoke.io-ing. @psyceratopsb remenisces of his experiences on smoke.io - what he's been through to get here. What better way to celebrate than with a spliff?

Tasty Bong RIPs with COLD CREEK KUSH (90/10) Indica Hybrid - Friendly and Smooth Relaxation - in this post @jackdub samples the Cold Creek Kush Indica dominant strain with glass bong tokes. I enjoy the variety of consistent effects and flavors from the buffet of cannabis strains - spliffs, pipes, bongs, blunts, @jackdub keeps a first hand experience journal of those tasty flavors and effects.

Solo Cup Challenge Update - In this post, @canna-curate gives an update to the Solo Cup (Grow) Challenge, including grow pics from challenge participants. "Rules for Solo Cup Challenge: Flower out a plant in a 12 oz container, No autos or clones, One plant per platform, Biggest yield of finished product wins". The count down has begun, I'm looking forward to the final bud weight results. Also from @canna-curate - Canna-Curate Has It's Witness Set Back Up - helping to keep that sweet smoke.io data flowing.

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Talk, Music, News, Grow, Interview, and Chat Podcasts. Enjoy the GHRO chat room shenanigans, discussions, and interaction with the podcast Hosts. Tune-In to GHRO on the @canna-curate Discord Invite.

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Appreciate that @cryptosmokers - nothing but good things from us too, it's all about the smoke and sharing experiences.. The more the merrier - smoke, post, repeat :)

Thanks for the shout out for the grow cup. This is a very welcome highlights post.


We were happy to mention the grow cup, excited to see the entries, i have to hurry up and order some seeds already :) Saw you have that grow live stream up on twitch, that's awesome. Thanks, there's lots happening on smoke.io, we'll be doing these post Highlights weekly.

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