#Canna-Curate Highlights this Week - April 12, 2019 - DJ Promoting SMOKE.IO, Dabs Smoke Discussion, Canna-Butter, Canna-Buds

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Reminiscing with this week's #canna-curate tagged posts - on smoke.io. Add #canna-curate as one of the first five tags on your post, or drop the post link in the #smoke-self-promotion channel on the @canna-curate Discord (Invite).

#Canna-Curate Highlights on smoke.io this Week

"ELAmental Smoke Out Discussions - Volume 4: What I Love About Smoke.io, Mystery Strain Review, & Message of Spirit" - @elamental is back on the dabs, he just picked up some Shatter from a local event. Sit back and relax for a 'smoke out' discussion video with @elamental - he shares some of his experiences on smoke.io, and offers some advice for newcomers and seasoned smokers.

"Greeeen" - @dagga.day.job scares off intruders, persues with paintball guns, takes us on a photo tour of a grow, celebrates with bong rips. An exciting day in the life of @dagga.day.job - check out those grow photos.
"cannabis butter." - @absolem gives a quick walk-through for making cannabis infused butter. The butter can then be used to spread or cook with for cannabis effects.

"THE DAB DIARIES: EVERGREEN ORGANICS CANNA BUTTER AND MOMMA FEELS DECENT ENOUGH TO MAKE SOME MEATBALLS AND RIGATONI!" - keep up with @prettynicevideo with her 'Dab Diaries' video updates. In this Dab Diary she's cooking up a feast with her portion getting a dab of Cannabis Butter. Now that's a spicy meatball :)

"Top 100 Illinois Medical Cannabis Strains (#1-10)" - @rawpride is wrapping up his tour of the 100 top Illinois cannabis strains with the #1-10 strains. Check out these top 10, and the whole series - so many tasty buds, they breed and grow top quality cannabis in Illinois.

"My Post For The Ultimate Contest, Hosted By @tecnosgirl" - @jonyoudyer digs deep and shares how he found smoke.io, why he joined, what he wants out of it, and what he's been smoking on lately - Check out that Tahoe OG x OG. This is entry post for @tecnosgirl's The Ultimate 4/20 Contest: Grand Prize is worth $420 USD - 8 more days to enter, so many prizes.

"The first appearance of Smoke.io in a Spanish cannabis club by the hand of Dj Daniel Quiros" - @green-der has been busy getting smoke.io some well deserved recognition. "I do not know if you remember that a few months ago I told you that I was going to give Daniel Quiros a pair of t-shirts with the logo of Smoke.io so that he could use them in his DJ sessions." - mission accomplished, the smoke.io looks great on a t-shirt, great work.

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Oh what a surprise! Thank you very much it is an honor to appear in highlights of the week


We appreciate your hard work you do for smoke in and off the chain. Thank you


Enjoy your posts @green-der - and getting smoke.io out into the wild on high visibility t-shirts, etc is a great move for smoke.io.

Haaaaa thats cute " now thats one spicy meatball. " Lolololol my son said the same thing when he bit into it, probably why its a cute phrase.


Enjoyed your pasta making, i'll have to make or get a hold of some cannabis butter some time. I was at a pizzeria and the waitress was setting the pizza down onto the table, and my son says 'mama mia' .. the waitress smiled lol.

Looking at all this makes me want to smoke... so I'm going to haha. Thank you for the highlight!