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Basic Cannabis Grow Guide

Note: This is not an indepth grow guide and should be adjusted to your environment, knowledge, and setup.
This guide showcases what our community found to be the easiest way to grow cannabis, along with some of the better products.

Given the many variables in a grow; (temperature, humidity, lighting, nutrients, and growing mediums), not all methods will work the same for every individual. The methods presented here are those that our community has found to be the easiest and most effective for growing Cannabis.

The first step to growing high quality Cannabis is having high quality products to start your grow with. We won't dictate a set-up, as everyone has their own preferences and requirements, but for your convenience we have included some of our preferred Cannabis growing products throughout this guide. These are products that we have collectively used and found to be of the highest quality, providing a great foundation for a great grow.

Your growing equipment should be tailored to your environment and based on the seeds you have, either Autoflowers or Photoperiods. The needed equipment will vary slightly and you should choose what you think is best for your particular environment.


We prefer to germinate our seeds using the 'paper towel in a CD-case method'.

  1. Take a folded length of paper towel
  2. Mist it with a spray bottle
    1. Never use tap water. Always use bottle spring, distilled, purified, or filtered water.
  3. Add your seeds and fold over the paper towel once again
  4. Place in a CD or DVD-case and seal
  5. Place the case somewhere that is ambiently warm with stable temperatures (75f - 85f). A cable box or similar always-on electronic device can be used.

Growing Mediums

At BIFG, we have decided that growing in an inert, pH-balanced medium is easiest for beginners. COCO Fiber is an excellent choice. COCO Fiber is inert, meaning that there are no base nutrients present.

This provides us with a clean base to work from and allows us to know exactly what we need to feed our plants in order for them to not only survive but thrive as well.

Diagnosing deficiencies (stem / leaf discoloration, leaf dexterity) also becomes easier. Knowing that your growing medium isn't contributing to the problem gives you one less variable to troubleshoot.

Cheap Coco Coir Blocks

Other mediums that we also find easy to grow cannabis in include
Premier Pro-Mix and Sungro SunShine Mix.
Sungro Sunshine Mix


Cloning can be simple! We have found that a simple aero cloner, or dwc cloner works best! To start taking a clone, cut a branch at a 45 degree angle. Cuttings should be taken no taller than 6 inches. After taking Cuttings you should dip the cutting in clone X and immediately put it in water to prevent air getting to the stem. Remove bottom foliation and snip all top leaves in half. This helps the plant focus energy on making roots.

Clone X

HydroDynamics Clonex Rooting Gel

Clonex Clone Solution - Clone & Seedling Nutrient


Microbes, one of the easiest things we can do to improve our cannabis grow. Adding microbes to indoor cannabis grows helps recreate indoors what nature does naturally outdoors. Microbes help buffer PH, they help the plant breakdown digest what nutrients we feed them and bulk up during flowering stages. They also help reduce stress during transplant, and undesirable conditions. Diffrent microbes help at differnt stages. Microbes such as Mykos Wp, MycoorMax, and GreatWhite help the greatest between the seedling stage and the the vegatative stage while microbes like Mammoth P help the plant during the flowering stage.

Great White

Microbes such as Great White help improve your plants ability to recover from stress, and create highways to nutrients locked in the soil.
These are best used directly on the roots!
Amazon US
Amazon UK
An offbrand version of great white basically, better bang for you buck.
TNC MycoorMax

Mykos Wp

Another Great White like set of microbes!
Xtreme Gardening Mykos Wettable Powder

Mammoth P

Microbes such as mammoth P help with early stage root development, stem strength, resistance to disease, nutrient uptake, flower formation,and larger yields.
Watch out for our post on DIY Mammoth P!
Amazon US


Nutrients are one of the most vital parts of a grow, for this reason we have choosen only the best cannabis nutrients.
While there are many companies trying to sell you bottles of nutrients , we find dry nutrients the easiest and cheapest. This avoids paying for water. Typically dry nutrients arent made of salts witch helps you avoid salt lock out issues all together.

See For More Information :

GreenLeaf Nutrients

Bud Explosion

GH Maxi Series

General Hydroponics Maxigro & Maxibloom

FoxFarms Beastie Bloomz


Why buy less, buy the best, avoid the blurples
Why pay $1200 or more when you can have the same light for less? These are some of the providers we found to have the best customer service and fastest shipping. Overall these are some of the best lights on the market. (Probably the best BANG for your BUCK!)


We generally choose to use either air pots or fabric pots. Self-Pruning roots and a well-oxygenated root sytem are always great things and we can not argue with the results amongst our members.

1 Gallon Ultra Oxy Pots
247 Garden Fabric Pots - USE CODE 15OFF247 ON EVERY PURCHASE FOR 15% OFF!!!

With the added exception of AutoPots, its own grow and botoom watering system.


Water is weight! You will never be able to hand water what an automatic system can feed a cannabis plant everyday. Roots will be stronger plants will be larger, buds will be larger! This is only less headache to worry about, keeps your mediums from drying out, and allows for things like vacation day/s in the middle of a grow.


Amazon US

Superflex 8mm Tubing

This tubing is for BlueMats, the hose that is included in the kit is hard and doesnt flex in place permanetly without some heat. SuperFlex makes the job easy!

Amazon US



Doctor Zymes is a great all around natural pesticide, and can be used after harvest.
Doctor Zymes Non-Toxic Insecticide

Spinosad aka Captain Jack Dead Bug Brew is nice for infestations. Spinosad can save a harvest quickly, but too much use will result in the pests building a tolerance.

Bonide Captain Jack Dead Bug Brew Concentrate

Neem oil is one of the best "prevention" pesticides. Neem oil should be used with care and NEVER on autoflowers.
Neem oil can and will stunt a plant for a short period of time. As with spinosad this should only be used once a grow as a prevention to avoid pests building a tolerance.

Bonide Neem Oil

Gnat Control

Miscellaneous products

Here are a few products we found to just help streamline the whole cannabis grow process.

Exhaust Fans

AC Infinity Duct-Fan Systems

Extraction and Trim

Strongway Benchtop 10-Ton Hydraulic Shop Press with Gauge

3x5 DIY Caged Rosin Press Kit

IPower 19-Inch Leaf Bowl Trimmer


30cm RAM Eco Fan


Wyze Cam 1080p HD Indoor Wireless Smart Home Camera with Night Vision


pH Test Kit
If using MegaCrop Ph will not be needed!

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Nice guide. I do think we all need to learn to stop using things like clone x and BS to clone.

You only need Aloe and water to clone with near 100% success. Now saying near means you still need to control your environment.

All I do for my clones is cut and leave in Aloe water over night. Next day they get put in Aloe jelly and put right into my living soil mix. Keep soil very wet and lift clone dome daily. Much safer than chemicals.
This also goes for nutes really wish the world would move away from BS and start dealing with healthy soil and not pumping our planet with chemicals.

Sorry for the rant 😁😁🤣

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us, great overall starting point!