Non-Hot Box Guide to Witness Upgrade v0.0.6

6 months ago

Hi Fellow Witness,

Just creating a guide as I update my witness to v0.0.6. I believe most of the witness have already upgraded. However, creating this guide (even if one witness finds it helpful, I will be happy :D )

I'm not using hotbox at this point, so if you are already using hotbox then @jrswab should have taken care of this for you! ;-)

If you are not using hotbox, then you can follow this step:

Earlier , @stoner gave us an update that v0.0.6 was released with fix to many bugs and some features as follows:

  • fix fc memory allocation issue
  • fix rpc account_history in case from= limit= 0
  • fix building
  • embed fc into same repos
  • print logo on start

The updated smoked and cli wallet location on github:

Ok folks, now lets update the witness:

I have two witness servers

  • Main Witness
  • Backup Witness

I need to switch the version to v0.0.6 on both the servers one by one.

In order to make sure that I don't miss a block, I make sure I start this process with Backup witness:

  1. Login to Back Up Witness Server

  2. cd to smoke folder you created during the setting up of witness(

    cd smoke

  3. Now check the smoke version

    ./smoked --version


  4. Download the smoked_lm (lm stands for low memory node) and cli wallet zip files from the gitbug using following command:


    My boss is around, gotta minimize this window and act like I'm working on his project, I will be
    back shortly!
    Get's shit load of work for the weekend from my Boss ::facepalm::
    Who care's, I'm addicted, so now let's get back to smoke

  5. Check whether the two .gz files are in your folder:

  6. Alright, alright! you have the compressed files now, lets unzip them!

    tar -xvf smoked_lm-0.0.6-x86_64-linux.tar.gz
    tar -xvf cli_wallet-0.0.6-x86_64-linux.tar.gz

    this will overwrite the existing files smoked and cli_wallet

  7. You can do the following to see if the smoked and cli_wallet files are updated(check the date and time)

    ls - lt


  8. Alright! Next, remove the compressed files

    rm *.gz

  9. Now, let's try swithcing to our smoked screen

    screen -r smoked

    Well, it's running fine (it's not producing blocks for me as I'm on backup witness, not the main


    But, are we done yet? ----------------No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!------

  10. Now we need to stop the ./smoked and start it again.

    CNTRL + C


    Now ,


    Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I see an error:

    “Content of memory does not match data expected by executable”

    blurred some content with a box , so that I don't expose any private info if it's there

    so I reached out to @techcoderx on discord and he asked me to replay the blockchain!

  11. Perform a replay of blockchain

    ./smoked --replay-blockchain


    Wola!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Worked like a charm!

  12. Now run update witness on CLI Wallet to make this your current witness node.

  13. Go back to the smoked screen to see you producing blocks!

  14. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy! My back up server is upgraded and producing the blocks!



  15. Now, I will do the same steps for main witness server .

  16. Okay, I have completed upgrading both backup and main witness to v0.0.6

I managed to perform this upgrade without missing a single block, yayy boy!!

To check if the smoked is running on v0.0.6

./smoked --version

You should see a nice and cute ascii logo designed by @baabeetaa

it is cute as per @trees :D, well, I can't disagree to agree

Isn't it cute? Check it out!

I haven't smoked in a while, so I'm not getting any great quotes out of my heart! So let me use what I have already:

"We learn together, We smoke together and We grow together!"

“Until now we were walking alone, after all those who were walking alone joined together to walk together "

We are a witness on @betgames) if you think we(me and my wife) can spread joy here and support community, please consider voting for “betgames” as witness .

if you decide to support, visit and vote for @betgames
#witness #smoke #stoner

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Lol :)
Your boss needs to know about :D
Or don't tell him but tell all the staff so they get accounts and you can all use it at work :D

Super job for all the above man!
Good luck with it and all the best for 2019.
Cheers bet.


Haha, yeah . Can’t take the risk of getting fired 😂😂

Thank you so much for the wishes. Wish you also a happy new year, have healthy and prosperous one!


Thank you for supporting us 😊 Wish you a happy 2019 😊😊

With 💕,

Thanks for let us informed, about v0.0.6 that fixed all the above issues.
Many thanks also to @stoner for the update.
Voted as witness.


Thank you for the witness vote to @betgames . We wish you a happy 2019 😊

With 💕,


Thanks for been witness
Might the sunshine of happiness always shine over you in 2019


Thank you @lordoftruth , yes our founder and the dev team is always working very hard to make the community users life easier. Whatever I as a witness do, is nothing huge compared to the effort they put. However, their constant effort is motivating me to contribute in any manner that I can :-)

Wish you a happy new year!

I am not an IT person, but I know guys you are doing great job for the sake of this community... right on!
Btw, I have voted your witness long before... Thanks for this, I am sure all bugs will be fixed...


Yeah that’s so true! People in here are doing very good job in all verticals , so that’s motivating me also to do any contribution that I can from my end :)

Thank you and Wish you a happy new year 😃


You are welcome! Happy New Year too!


Thank you for trusting and supporting us 😊it means a lot , wish you a wonderful 2019 😊😊

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Many thanks too!

Great how-to and thanks for the shout-out mate!


Thank you @jrswab :-)