Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, - the Easy Way In (Promo Video and TWT Embed)

7 months ago


An Ideological & Philosophical Video Introduction to the Concepts of Blockchains, Cryptocurrencies and

This is a second video that I have made promoting the Smoke blockchain. The first one was a short video introducing, where I spoke directly to and invited users over here.

This video is along the same lines but is longer and I don't address any particular group. The idea is to introduce viewers to an alternative to the mainstream; to a sense of the potential that the blockchain has for individual self empowerment. I wanted to get across the idea that this is radically different from the mainstream model of social media interaction and give a sense of why it is an excellent idea to move to a decentralised network like I talk about the potential that blockchains and cryptocurrencies have for individual self empowerment and cutting out the middle entity (bankers, lawyers etc). I use as the reference point throughout and although I do not mention other blockchains, I do not pretend that we are the only one.

I have embedded the video I uploaded to The Weed Tube below. This was as per @smokenetwork's instructions in this post. I have decided not to upload it to Dtube as I do not consider it relevant on the Steem blockchain.

PooTube mirror for additional options and publicity:

This is all experimental for me, and the first time I have made a ''selfie' video of such length - 13 minutes 44 seconds! I'm new to this kind of stuff and I welcome feedback. With practice, experience and basic planning, the waffle - all the 'ers' and 'ums' will be dealt with and I guess my slow-stoner-diction will pick up a bit of speed :-).

TBH this has been a bit of a rigmarole. Don't get me wrong, I love the creative process and I've surprised myself by enjoying talking to a camera. Besides, wearing silly shades allows me to retain a certain amount of presence and I'm loving the don't-givafuck attitude to appearances. I also used to work for Adobe (Tech. Support) and am comfortable and familiar with Image, DTP and AV editing software. The issue is more to do with my ageing laptop - too clunky now to run Adobe Premiere Pro and so I have been using VideoPad Editor (, which is excellent freeware and does the job adequately. But towards the end of this project - with numerous cuts and edits and dependent image files, the processes had slowed down to near frustration point. I'll need to wait until the sleeping crypto giant awakes (in the Spring perhaps?) before I can upgrade my hardware.

Let me know what you think of the vid if you manage to make it all the way through. If you like it, please spread it around.

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Any artwork or output created by me and placed on the blockchain is available for anyone to use freely and without requiring attribution or further permission. My only statement in this regard is that I do not sanction any 'use' that includes the energies of violence, prejudice, conflict. I cannot control this and will not define it. I simply and unilaterally withdraw my energy, and the energy of creation which flowed through me, from all such endeavours.

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