Guessthatweight week #6 Kosher Kush (80+ smoke up for grabs)

last year

No Winner week 5

Last week in week 5 I did a big amount and I think that made it harder to guess. As I said I would split the 25 smoke between everyone that joins and the winner get's 40. I have sent the 25 split between 21 people that joined was like 1.19 so I just sent 1,2 to everyone.

The weight from last week


This week I am going to do the same as last week and split 25 smoke between everyone that joins this contest and 40 Smoke for the winner. Plus adding the 40 from last week brings the total up to 80 for the winner.

The rules to enter this contest are the same as every week and are as follows

   1. Resmoke 
   2. Leave a comment with the amount you think 
   3. Don’t self-vote your comment or your entry will not count 
   4. Can’t be same as another comment 
   5. The only way to win is to be within a point up or down. (meaning if you guess 3.5 and  it is 3.7
   you  will not win but if it is 3.6 and no one picks 3.6 you will win)
   6. Only one entry per person 
   7.  It is only to the point after the . so 0.0 
   8. I will never ask you to upvote this contest

Kosher Kush

This week I was able to get my self some new flower. I have not been smoking as much flower as I have had some shatter and some wax. My wife on the other hand @reefermom love her flower and her joints so we always have it around.





That is the kosher kush for this week Can you guessthatweight for a 80 SMOKE


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8.2 grams



11 grams

13.5 g :)


13.5 grams

7.0 gram quarter.


7.0 grams

5.6 grams and 1 resmoke.
Thanks for the 1.2 smoke payout. :-)


5.6 grams

11.2 gram


11.2 grams

Dam I was way off with my 3.7....
But now.... this looks like a 3,9 :D

Final answer is 3.9 grams :D
Cheers sky.


3.9 grams

8.8 grams #Cheers


8.8 grams



9.6 grams

7.4g 👌


7.4 grams

6.9 g . Nice looking nugs :)


6.9 grams

this is a great contest, gotta love the eyeball the weight! My guess is gonna be 4.9 grams! Smoke away @skylinebuds


4.9 grams

10.2 g :)


10.6 grams