Guessthatweight Week #5

7 months ago

#Guessthatweight Week #5

Again I apologize for this being late but I was busy and lazy so I never got this post out on Sunday. This contest will still end Sunday, That way I can still post on time this week.

This week I am going to do 25 smoke split between everyone that joins this contest and 40 Smoke for the winner.

The rules to enter this contest are the same as every week and are as follows

   1. Resmoke 
   2. Leave a comment with the amount you think 
   3. Don’t self-vote your comment or your entry will not count 
   4. Can’t be same as another comment 
   5. The only way to win is to be within a point up or down. (meaning if you guess 3.5 and  it is 3.7
   you  will not win but if it is 3.6 and no one picks 3.6 you will win)
   6. Only one entry per person 
   7.  It is only to the point after the . so 0.0 
   8. I will never ask you to upvote this contest that is all up to you.

King Kush

As for flower, I am still smoking on the same king kush as last week I am hoping for a new strain this week some time.



That is KIng Kush now can you take a guess at how much is here for a chance at some smoke?


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11.7 g :)


25 Grams.. would be more logic.. maybe even to logic...?


23.3grams :)

My Guess is 19.5 grams. Thanks

14.3 grams


entry noted 14.3 grams

22g :)


entry noted 22 grams


Forgot to resmoke xD Resmoked now! :) I think now is much less of that on a scale xD

hmmm... I have so many numbers rattling around in my head from trimming over the weekend... but I'm gonna go with 12.2 grams


entry noted 12.2 grams


Trimming such a great thing but it can make hours go by like nothing


my two's subliminal

14 grams half


Entry noted 14 grams

I think its 21.9 grams.


Entry noted 21.9 grams

I can sense a juicy quarter, 7.3 grams.


Entry noted 7.3 grams

14,2 g


Entry noted 14.2 grams

17 grams


Entry noted 17 grams

I’m very bad at predicting weight, but here it goes:
22.4 grams

Fingers crossed to get embarrassed , lol 😂

Love these little fun activities you do with passion! Keep it up 😊

With 💕,


Entry noted 22.4 grams

As for flower, I am still smoking on the same king kush as last week I am hoping for a new strain this week some time.

You must be suffering from tolerance issue by now, if I smoke the same bud for around three day's i build a tolerance and end up smoking way to much! But hey what can you do?

For the last 6 month's all I could get my hands on is Lemon Haze, It does nothing to me now! Gotta mix it up and trade bud with fellow growers it's the only way.

And uhm 13.6 g


Yeah, I have been smoking on some shatter the last couple day's but i agree that it sucks smoking the same thing over and over.

That is one the things that sucks when you can grow a lot and a few different strains. I remember buying off the street and some days it was shit as you knew it was almost a waste to even buy the same strain


entry noted 13.6 grams

15.2 grams


entry noted 15.2 grams

17.6 I really love these! Ill be doing one soon. I got 64 liquid smoke burning a hole in my pocket


Entry noted 17.6 grams

6.9 :)


Entry noted 6.9 grams

18.3 grams


entry noted 18.3 grams


Thank you

11.6 grams and one resmoke. :-)


entry noted 11.6 grams