Strive for maximum: 6 tips that will give you more output from the same growth space

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Quality produce is always important, but one of the key criteria by which home growers measure their success is the amount of crop yield. The simple equation says that more experience and professionalism equals more fragrant and high quality flowers, so it is worth learning from the professionals. Here are 6 tips to help you become more expert on what's important and produce a larger amount of produce without increasing your tumor. 

Grown cannabis at home for a number of reasons, including of course the desire to receive products of maximum quality without risk of residues of harmful substances, but usually above all economic consideration of independence from the extreme price of cannabis on the black market. Under this consideration there is a simple equation: in order to maximize the positive relationship between investment and produce, not only must avoid basic mistakes but also produce more produce.  Like any other professional field, growing cannabis requires gentle experience and skill acquired from one cycle to another, but the conceptual principles behind increasing the produce are very simple. The overall trend that must be created to increase productivity without increasing the habitat itself is to improve the overall living conditions of the plant.  How do you create a significant and qualitative improvement? 

Here are 6 tips to help you get more cannabis out of your tumor cell:

1. Strengthening and improving lighting Adequate lighting is one of the most important criteria in the life cycle of the plant in general, and in terms of the quantity of produce in particular. The more light you have, the more flora will be produced, so it is best to use at least 600W with high pressure bulbs (HPS) or 400W with LED light per square meter. In areas where there is dedicated and efficient cooling, even stronger bulbs can be used to produce more produce. 

 Used as primary or complementary lighting: Led lamp for growing

In addition to the main lighting, professional towers generally choose to use additional LED lamps installed on the sides of the tent or diagonally in their corners, and they have different spectral ranges of light, the exposure of which enriches the crop and increases not only its quality but also its final weight.

2. Use different "training" methods and methods for the plant In a similar way to the rest of the plants in nature and even more extreme because it is a "weed," which has primitive and primitive characteristics, cannabis grows better and stronger in an environment that is somewhat difficult and challenging. In order to create such an imaginary environment that does not include climbing the Himalayas, breeders use a variety of "training" methods - such as plant cloning, tying and bends, breaks and other physical conditions - to improve the growth process and create stronger, healthier adult plants. 

In the video above you can see a technique of ligation of branches - which is considered a simple training technique. Training methods are techniques that can not be acquired without practice based on trial and error, and beginners are better to start with the most basic elements. In the initial growth stage, the plant's "clipping" is the most basic action to stimulate and stimulate the plant's survival element. There is also a similar technique with less pressure on the plant called FIM. It is also easy to gently tie the branches of a young plant Keep them away from the center of the flowering and cause the plant to grow parallel to several directions.

3. Leave a respectable margin to the roots: Roots are the life source of any plant, even if you grow it in a flowerpot rather than directly into the soil of the earth, cultivation is perhaps the most important part of the entire growth process. Lack of space to the roots will adversely affect them just like pests or mold, and will significantly harm the amount of produce that will remain in your hand after harvesting. 

  Healthy roots need a decent space to grow

Cannabis plant needs at least a 15 liter pot to reach a maximum size within a 1X1 meter space, and any smaller plant will limit the maximum amount of produce you can reach. Some people prefer to make pots of 22 liters in advance, although they reduce the number of plants in space, but allow each of them to grow magnificently.

4. Use high-quality fertilizer products  One of the drawbacks of disconnection from the natural soil is that the packaged land used for cultivation contains essential nutrients for the plant for a few days, and then we need to add to it the minerals it needs and in a more generous quantity that becomes even more essential when we try to push up the top scores we have been accustomed to to his. Raising cannabis without extra fertilization will give you disappointing results over a longer period of time. 

 High Quality Fertilizer - The basis for a healthy and dense plant

Whether you choose to use organic, organic or mineral products, there is no choice but to use a high quality fertilizer to help your plants grow to new heights and be loaded with sparkling flowers for the harvest season. It is recommended to try several different types of fertilizer at first, to see which is the most convenient and effective for you.Fertilizers such as Atami, Advanced Nutrients, House & Garden, or BioBiz are just some of the fertilizer companies that can be found in growing stores and their labels may provide you with the best results.

5. Constant and loving grooming The process of cultivation of the plants does not end with investment in quality equipment and fertilization. Throughout the growth, care must be taken in accordance with the various growth stages of the plant and perform various maintenance tasks such as removing dry leaves, examining the growth medium before irrigation and cleaning and removing small branches growing at the bottom (which consume unnecessary energy and do not receive sufficient lighting). 

Maintain optimal height from the lamp whenever plants grow. Maintaining a uniform height of the plants' heads will enable them to receive as much light as possible without having to raise the lamp because of one high plant.

6. Accurate metrics is the name of the game Good, predictable results are a matter of numbers, and if you follow them properly you will get exactly where you want them. A good tower is one that is first aware of all the vital indicators associated with its plants, and is careful at all times to measure the  level of humidity  and temperature in the growth area and  the pH level of the irrigation water and the drainage water.  When building your initial growth system, you must have all the necessary measuring instruments - especially the temperature meter and the acid - and get the instructions on how to operate them optimally and how to deal with problems that may occur from time to time. 

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Technology has really improved lighting over the past couple years and helped bring down the heat in tents and smaller spaces so that really helps with maximizing output of small spaces

Impressive post. Resmoke
Well done

Are these great plants.
Well done

Great post and beautiful images. Following!

I discovered that once I upped my lighting output (from 1050 to 1200) in my 48x48x80 grow tent, the yield was much better. I had more space that was being covered by the lights and I was able to rotate the plants 90-degrees every few days to give them the utmost exposure to the light.