The Lost Art of Breeding

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Throw away males:

This is pretty much as you will ever see on if you ever do see something on the topic of breeding:

Breeding is a lost art that we are slowly losing touch with.


What should we ideally be doing instead?
The title of this book spells it out:

We are growers should get back into breeding.

What do you mean by breeding?

You should be interested in:

  • Preserving genetics
  • Acquiring new genetics
  • Testing seeds for other breeders
  • Finding ways to create new genetics for the modern consumer

Why breeding?

Why would you want to get into breeding?

This is a chart showing the hierarchy of the Cannabis industry in my opinion:

The real question is? Do you wanna be on the top?
If you have a black market cannabis background then I'm pretty sure you have ambitions to end up as a high ranking contributor to the cannabis industry and culture. The cannabis culture is about to go mainstream as more and more countries are decriminalizing it. Canada set the trend and South Africa followed. I'm not sure what the government of Netherlands is doing though, if I talk to people in Netherlands at the moment they seem pretty bleak about their laws regarding growing at the moment.

I'm interested in creating medical cultivars that can be used specifically for extracts or RSO. Do you wanna be a hero? Start breeding medical cultivars that help save people's lives and bring back their quality of life.

Some existing work:

Let's have a look at what some legendary breeders and indie breeders have done or are busy working on.

NYC Diesel:

My absolute favourite strain of all time comes from one of the breeders who has been in the game for longer than anybody. Somaseeds came up with NYC Diesel in the early 2000's which is still a hit till today. Here is a very cool video on the strain:


I keep my eye on plenty of indie breeders, but these guys are a really bunch of under appreciated breeders that deserve more attention. Have a look at their site here:

Here some of the strains that they've come up with:

This is one of the strain of their limited batches:

They seem to have some crazy CBD crosses that will be very promising:

Getting into breeding:

Getting into breeding seems as difficult as it is to get into programming, Linux system administration or even hacking. The breeding ground isn't exactly very beginner friendly or perhaps not as easy to get into as I would like it to be.

Here are some beginner resources to get you started:

BTW Shoutout to Kevin Jodrey, you are a hero to many cannabis cultivators especially in South Africa.

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Nice reaserch and loads of useful informations in here for starters as well as veterans...All in one place.


Fully agree on that, great info


Thanks bro :)



Lol why upside down?

I am always saying those males have a purpose can't always grow from clones and sometimes you need to start fresh. Glad to see others are about those seeds too..


I agree. Males are not a waste they are a gift.
If you can make your own strains and sell the seeds then why not :)


I have a Girl Scout Cookie plant that I want to cross to create a new strain with. This particular seed came from a good friend that died shortly after I found the seed in the one lone bud. Out of 5 lbs of it only one seed was found and I saved it for nearly 10 years. I have it growing now she is pretty so far, and hopefully she keep growing as nicely as she is now. I plan to clone her then cross breed her. Currently I don't have any males, so I might have to do some stressing to change the sex of a plant to do what I want or find someone with the correct pollen for what I want to do. Which might be easier than stressing a plant for such a newbie grower like me. I plan to name the strain after his nickname


Cool what is his nickname?
I'd say take a few clones and always keep this strain going. Then start asking your friends for males. I just told all my friends I really want any males that they have. In past month got offer to come and get a male white widow plant and then Sour Diesel. Once people hear you want males they let you know if they one and be more than happy to give it to you.


Sugar tits is what his nickname was.

re smoking it!



Nice article! I need to start doing breeding, for now is unknown waters to me