The importance of preserving genetics: Clones

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4 months ago

I don't think growers always realize the importance of preserving genetics.
I might be using the wrong terminology here if you are preserving a clone you aren't actually just preserving a genotype you are in actual fact also preserving a phenotype Correct me if I'm wrong. That being said I've also read that different phenotypes can show themselves in different clones from the same mother, not sure if that is true though.

As soon as I get a new clone I try grow it into a mother and create more clones from that clone so that I will forever have that strain in my arsenal of strains. I then try and hand out the clones to friends and then after a while we all have the strain. This is how pirated music used to spread before torrents. Here is a clone of Lemon Zkittles that I got from a friend, this will soon become a mother and then all my friends will have Lemon Zkittles. This is a revegged clone.

This is a great way to preserve a new strain that comes into your life, but take into mind that you need space in order to do this.
There is a new way to do this and this is called:"Tissue Culture Propogation", you can read more about it here:
With tissue culture propogation the need to keep mothers is eliminated. This is a great way to keep genes especially in a time where we are realizing (more and more as time goes on ) the importance of preserving genetics especially of landrace type strains.

What are some things that you can do to preserve genetics for future generations to come?

  • Keep a seed archive. Got an old fridge you aren't using? Start a seedarchive.
  • Spread your seed to other countries. (I don't mean your sperm), but yeah spread your seed with people on there is a trades section.

Here is a cool video from the Future Cannabis project:

Remember that seeds will be the currency of the future. Start collecting and start a seedarchive now!

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Cool video, love those guys. Genetics are so important, but only part of the equation



I'll watch the video tonight as I don't have internet to watch it now. I agree with you. It is important to preserve the genetics as much as possible. For the future to be able to grow and breed them. I got a good laugh out of the not sperm joke. Good one.


Thanks bro :)