Indie Breeders: Show some love - Part 1

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4 months ago

Buying seeds from Indie Breeders:

I really love buying seeds. I love buying seeds so much that I have bought a huge amount of seeds the past month to the point where I had to cut down on some of my other expenses. Perhaps I'm addicted to collecting seeds or perhaps I see something of value, an opportunity that nobody else is grabbing. In this article I will be referring to the not so well known breeders as "indie breeders", they might not enjoy me referring to them as "indie breeders" but in my opinion that is what they are. They are almost like "indie game" developers who are usually single person teams doing huge amounts of work and pushing the edge of technology and really pushing new innovation.


The indie breeders have less popularity and sales, but that makes their product more exotic. Think about if you wanna grow Craft Cannabis are you gonna use the seeds you can get from an ordinary seedbank or are you gonna look for something unique that nobody else has.


Which kinds of seeds am I buying? At the moment high CBD seeds are very popular. Even more so autoflowering seeds are super popular at the moment, especially with outdoor growers.

High ROI:

Let's look at the ROI from buying two seeds. So let's say you bought two feminised seeds and both popped. You went and grew mothers from those two seeds and make clones off those mothers. You go on to root those clones and create more mothers, the other clones you sell. The possibilities are endless.

Also think about if you do get a male in a pack of regulars. Even if you aren't a breeder this should get you excited.

Get value from new opportunities

The more underground breeders (I call them indie breeders) offer a huge investment opportunity in my opinion. If you are in the business of selling clones then you will know that growers are always looking for cool new strains. The indie breeders offer an opportunity to buy new strains that have not yet been discovered by the mainstream. They might have something better than anything that is on the mainstream market right now.

Another aspect to consider is that the indie breeders will have lower prices than the big names. The indie breeders really also tend to undersell themselves in the sense that their products are much better and of better quality than what they promote them as. With bigger breeders they have huge budgets for promoting their products, where with indie breeders they have small budgets and limited resources to market what they come up with.

My Indie breeder wishlist:

Here is a list of the seeds I am planning to buy over the next three months and why:

Royal Kush:

This is some dank medical seed and I'm a huge fan of any Kush. I used to smoke Afghan Kush for insomnia.


I want these regulars in my breeding sock for if I try my luck at breeding. Also this looks amazing, keen to grow it and try it.

Gold Pack from Purple Caper Seeds

See their website here:

Here is some info on the gold packs that they sell:

Gold Packs- WE go through 50 or more strains per year, we feel that these are the best of the best! These strains are packaged in Gold Foil.

Chocolate Hashberry, Purple Caper, Dream Cookies, 4G, Zkittlez Caper, Key Lime Pie, Blackberry Fire, Gelato Zkittlez, Pink Panty F1, Blackberry Zkittlez, Blackberry Cookies, 3x Caper,  Optimus Prima, Grandma’s Batch, Chocolate Cannalope, Truffle Butter, Blue Fire, Alien OG, Cash Berry,  Lemon Poundcake, Strawberry Banana ShortCake, Blue Chocolate, Cookie Lady, Chocolate Tonic, Tonic’s Web

This company really makes me eager to get a male from one of their regular , see this part on their website:

Here is a cool pic that I found on their instagram:

My end goal

I found a book the other day that had an interesting title. The title summed up a certain idea that I have been sitting on for some time now. The title of the book is:"BRINGING FARMERS BACK INTO BREEDING". We as cannabis growers should get back to breeding.

Think about it, if there was a cannabis industry hierarchy then it would look something like this:(This is just my opinion)

The breeder sits right at the top of the hierarchy of this industry in my opinion, so show them the respect they deserve.

There are many other breeders that I would like to give some recognition to. I might make a part 2 post to mention some more cool breeders and their cool strains.

BTW if you try a new breeder and you plan on selling their seeds or clones, make sure to grow out some yourself before putting it on the shelf.

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Great idea... I have calculated that I could produce 1 billion seeds from my 4 High CBD plants. If I was allowed to plant all the seeds every 4 months. I am looking into a grow Liscence... lots of demand for Quality High CBD seeds and plants here in Canada. All we have here at the moment is High THC. So I am growing Seeds now. I will use the flowers and leaves to make a lower CBD tea.

yummie, Jägerschnitzel!
Great name, cool brand, interesting post. Are you doing it professionally? Or how many different seeds to you have? A handful or a silo? :)


I got a mini silo.


… and I've got no idea. :D How big is such a thing?


Like hundreds of thousands of seeds. About half a fridge plus a few cupboards for the newer seeds till I get a bigger fridge :)

That Royal Kush plant looks unreal!

I know what u mean about love buying seeds. Back when BTC was 200 bucks I spent a few bitcoins on one batch of seeds! I picked up fire alien urkle and it was the best tasting ever. My seed place ran out and never got them in since!


Thats sad, you should try look it up on You can find pretty much anything on there.

Not only is it an awesome name (so is bdanks btw) but that Jägerschnitzel truly does look dank.

That purple capers packs does sound awesome too.


lol his real name is Bradley and his surname is Danks. Cool surname for the industry.
Yeah I've tried getting hold of Purple Caper, but havn't gotten a reply yet, they might only sell in the USA.

I thought Jagerschnitzel is like steak or some meat..sounds like it .
Some of the flowers look really amazing. Did anyone ever tell you you have a problem 😂..joke ofc .. i wonder how your collection looks like


My collection is mostly from my country. But working on a global and more modern collection. Will try post some pics at some point. I have a few friends with fridges full of seeds. Thanks for stopping by :)

"Did anyone ever tell you you have a problem"
Lol I should join the AA for seed addicts.


How are you storing your seeds? Some recommend 8-10'c to optimize shelflife


In a fridge at the moment in Zip bags. Some of the I'm gonna add silica or rice to keep it moisture. Thanks for taking interest

Cool name for this strain. Never heard before but sounds very cool.