I'm a dad and my daughers are blooming!

in #grow
5 months ago

I am entering week 2 (I think of flowering) with some of my plants in an outdoor grow.

I've always wanted to be a dad to a daughter , but right now I am a dad to four daughers:

The pic at the start of the post is a pic of my favourite plant right now:

I had one of my plants showing signs that it is going to hermie, so I moved it to a friend.
I'd rather have bud with seeds in it than no bud at all, but I don't want my other flowering ladies to make seeds so that is why I moved the plant to a friend.

Thanks for reading will keep you posted.
I'm using organic and chemical feed in this grow.

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Very nice Plants Man.




with pleasure

Congratulations 🎉👏

Hope they grow to be strong and fat.


Thanks I'll post some pics once I harvest :)

They are coming along. Sucks about the herm but it is better you moved it early