Pains of Growing in South Africa and Harvest update

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3 months ago

I'm growing:

I've had a very interesting time growing weed "semi legally" in a country where even though cannabis has been decriminalised, growers still get arrested almost every day.

Growing pains:

This guy recently got arrested for growing, he also got caught with illegal firearms, which is not hard to believe. In South Africa the police like to give people who are either known blackmarket dealers or growers a hard time, by not even attending to their emergency calls. I think the fact that we are in such a weird grey area in terms of the law at the moment allows the police to pull this off.

On the same note, but in an unrelated case:
I had to go visit my friend over the weekend in a holding cell, he got arrested for assaulting gang members who are trying to kill his black market weed business by selling meth in his area. Since he won't budge they are using the police to do their dirty work. The police refuse to open any cases on when he tries to open cases or even when his wife tries to make cases.

While he was in the holding cell over the weekend someone stole all his cash from his tuckshop and also from his blackmarket business, while his wife and children were sleeping. The police came out to listen to what happened but when the suspect ran away the police left without pursuing the suspect or opening a case. The police also gave his wife a really hard time over the weekend over a pepperball gun he has been using to shoot at gang members trying to stab him. It is almost like they want you to go and get an illegal gun.


I got my seeds from @africaseeds who is me just another profile I use to promote seeds I collect and put into my seedarchive. You can check me on instagram:
If you ever want seeds from Africa, feel free to send me an email. My details are on the instagram profile.

Pics or it didn't happen

Here are some pics of what I just harvested from what seems to be a very Indica dominant strain:
I harvested very early but its looking good:

Here is the plant it came from:

I got a few more babies flowering which I will post on here soon. I got a Sour Diesel male which I decided to polinate my best females. I'm going to try make the resulting seeds into some stable crosses over the next three harvests. I'm making clones of all the females and of the male, I'm also harvesting pollen which I will keep in case the male dies and I want to use it for backcrossing.

Wanna be happy?

Wanna be happy? Grow weed, vegatables etc. It is really really satisfying and relaxing to spend time in the garden every day.

I'll leave you with this:

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Great photo of plant in sun and the harvested branches . Looks awesome .

Nice blog, very interesting and cryp buds!🤙


Thanks man