Growing too big

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5 months ago

My grow operation is getting a bit too big. Not for me that much, but I do have an other half. So I need to start making my operation a bit smaller or moving it offsite. To move it offsite I will have to move it to someone's home and not some random warehouse, to stay legal. South African law allows people to grow marijuana in their own home.

Right now all my plants except the clones I got from a friend are in flowering. So I defoliate a bit everyday. This got me wondering. Can you make compose tea from cannabis leaves? Not sure if it is working, but I'm trying to make some:

Over crowded:

This is why things are getting overcrowded:
I made some clones and got some. Got Lemon Zkittles which is in the coffee cup at the back.

This is one of my favourite plants, it has a very interesting shape:

Where to go?

I can move some plants to a friend, but he has a cat which finds cannabis more attractive than catnip. Does anyone know what to do in this regard?

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First off you got foot bombed🤣 @jonyoudyer we are not the only ones.

I am not sure on the cannabis compost tea be a great thing if it does work.

The shadow and the foot of the grower is always embedded on the weed, sure thing! Nice growth btw

You could probably make compost with the leaves, I wouldn't then make tea from compost though haha

Yes... absolutely you can make Cannabis Tea from the dried, cured and decarboxylated leaves and flowers ... I make cannabis Tea every night. This is now my favourite way to consume cannabis since I can’t smoke inside the house and it’s either -30 Celsius outside or freezing rain.

I would say, throw the other half somewhere else and keep the plants.........ok, that was a joke, but, can you mot convince her/him?, such a nice garden you have it looks like is made for it ;-)

Sounds like you have a awesome problem of to much cannabis. Lol, Never been a tea drinker myself, but I would be tempted to try this one. Nice toe bomb by the way, bong on bro. :-)