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6 months ago

I've you've read any of my posts before you will know that I love growing outdoors. I live in South Africa and growing outside is free and pretty easy with South Africa's great climate. I actually got a light for free from a friend the other day, but if I do end up using it, I will still veg my plants outside:

This is something I was worried about at some point in my growing journey/career, how do I keep plants in veg that I don't want to flower during flowering time. For example I just got a bunch of clones (I made them myself, but was given permission to take clones off a plant I was looking after) and I was wondering how to keep them in veg. Well it is as simple as carrying my clones inside at night and keeping them under a light for a few extra hours, it doesn't even have to be a light meant for growing , although doing that would make the plants veg faster. Here are some pics of the clones after I put them into pots(the clones in the zip bags are still rooting), the bag plant is a Durban Poison plant I'm keeping in veg in my garden for a friend:

You might remember a plant that I featured in a recent post that nearly died from root rot and became rather yellow in leave colour. That plant is now 100% back to normal and looks very green, thank God. You will see I tied down some of the branches so they can get more sunlight and hopefully bud more:

What next?

I'm trying to get some 5L bottles for free somewhere, I find it very important to grow on a budget and try get stuff for free by recycling or reusing stuff. I picked up one 5L bottle the other day outside next to the road, next two find two more. Why would I pay for them if I can just pick them up. I'm going to use these bottles to mix some chemical feed that I bought from the hydroponic shop. I want to explore an idea which I saw mentioned on Growing Exposed and which another friend told me about. The idea is to use both chemical and organic nutrients for the plant, apparently this is the best way to do nutrients as opposed to doing only chemical or doing only organic.

Thanks for reading :)

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Poor baby got better, good news.



Great to see it got much better,

apparently this is the best way to do nutrients as opposed to doing only chemical or doing only organic.

Watch this as I was told (who knows how much truth) that the chemicals will kill any organic matter. Again i was only told this by someone that is likely not got the knowlesdge by trying it him self


Thanks yeah I've heard all kinds of things like that. Best to talk to someone who has tried everything.

Really nice plants. Beautiful