Feminised seeds can hermi?

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5 months ago

Why are we so obsessed with feminised seeds?

As a cannabis cultivation community there seems to be a big obsession with feminised seeds and female plants. Especially on https://reddit.com/r/microgrowery (Which I frequent)
I've been growing for a while now and been flirting with the thought of breeding. Been emailing some breeders and talking to some on reddit. From what I understand feminised seeds can hermi and it is actually better to use regular seeds to get a mother as opposed to making one from a feminised seed. Also breeders have a big interest in both males and female plants, its hard actually for me to try figure out which one breeders are more fascinated by.

In Real Life:

A friend of mine recently had a plant of his hermi from a feminised seed ( I guess it could have been stress on the plant, but he is a pretty competent grower):

His mesage to me was:"Yesterday a girl, today a boy :(" Lol:

On the internet:

I've been playing around with instagram lately. Never took interest to it, till I started looking for growers , breeders and seed companies and they are all on instagram. Humboldt Seed Co has been posting some really cool new strains, like this one:
Blueberry Muffin:

On the instagram post where the advertised the strain I read some very interesting comments, well even the initial post by Humboldt Seed Company was pretty interesting:

In my country if you've spent some time with people who have spent a long time in jail, you will learn that your ability to listen and rewind what someone said is very important especially if you would like to stay safe. For me on the internet and in real life it is equally important to be able to read what someone has written and dissect it in a mental excercise equal to what some of those people that I've met that spent a long time in jail taught me. This is the part that caught my eye:

Every prospective grower should take a few moments to familiarize themselves with what boys look like! Whether you’re growing from regular seeds, feminized seeds, clones or tc there’s always a chance that you could encounter male parts and unintentionally seed you’re crop 😬! "

Pretty interesting. What are your thoughts? I'm curious about what they said about how that can happen with clones?

Here are some of the comments that I also found very interesting:

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Yeah, i agree that anyone growing should know male parts. It is very easy for a seed to herm with stress even more so with reg fem that could have issue with light stress.

I wonder what the rate for auto fems to herm are


I think it will be the same as other fems. Auto's are merely a genetic trait that some cannabis plants have and was then bred into all the strains that we have into auto's today, from what I understand.


Autos are made by breeding indica or sativa, or any combination of those with cannabis ruderalis, which is a species that evolved in the northern hemisphere where plants don't get 12 hours of darkness. So, unlike photoperiod cannabis species like indica and sativa, that need 12 hours of darkness to flower, cannabis ruderalis flower under any light cycle. So, all of the autos on the market are the result of indica and sativa hybrids being bred with cannabis ruderalis.

Some genetics pre dispose to turning herm like Trainwreck..

You checked out DankMountain in SA? :http://dankmountain.co.za . (if you use em be sure to mention you found em thru smoke.io... :D )


They are pretty pricey in my opinion.
I also don't like the variety they have. But have checked them. Thanks for heads up

Feminized seeds have no more tendency to hermie than any other seeds. I've heard many people say that they think female seeds have more of a tendency to hermie because they were made by a female plant getting hermies. However, when they make feminized seeds, they do it by spraying female plants with colloidal silver to affect the hormone production of that female plant in order to make it produce male flowers so they can pollinate another female plant. The DNA of the resulting seeds will not be affected in any way that makes hermies a greater possibility. The hermies are INDUCED with colloidal silver.


Thanks really informative comments :)