Past Outdoor Grow in Norway - Royal Dane X Typhoon 🌱

5 months ago

Trial & Error:

Back in 2011 I wanted to test out if it was actually possible to grow cannabis plants outdoors in my area of Norway. Most people I talked with about it at the time said it was impossible, but I thought they must be wrong. I did a bit of research, and the closest successful outdoor grows I could find information about was over in Denmark. 🤔

The Danes seem to have done quite a bit of groundwork when it comes to creating sturdy strains that can handle the humidity, insects and general weather of Norway as well. I very quickly ended up ordering myself a 10 pack of Royal Dane X Typhoon seeds from a shop in Copenhagen.

I had the plants inside for the first 2-3 weeks of their lifespan. At the time I was living in a bit of a central area in Norway, so I had to be creative about where I could grow to not get caught. I had to find a place that would have the right angle towards the sun and also preferably usable soil.

Problems & Solutions:

After spending the first couple of weeks of the plants life looking for a place for them to live, I decided to do a gorilla grow. What I mean by that is that I bought and made my own soil mix. I later dumped the mix in a place that would not have been suitable for growing cannabis at all. The only thing the place really had going for it was the angle towards the sun.

I managed to get the plants out in the soil around the middle of May. I had a problem in June with Spanish Slugs killing a couple of my plants. 😕 I had to make a couple of DIY beer can traps to get them away from the plants. They prefer the smell of fermentation over plants, and go there instead.


I ended up harvesting the plants around the middle of Oktober. They could have been in flower even longer, but the season would not let me. It was not far from dropping below 0 degrees Celcius in the night time around then, so I decided it better to be safe than sorry. The finished product was okay to smoke by itself, but not super potent. I ended up making bubblehash from most of the buds. The hash was definitely super potent! 😅












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@xtetrahedron this what we call overcoming obstacles and going for what you believe in and I wish I would have such on outdoor grow man.
Share some if you dont mind love this yield on the pic lol
I just voted for you as a witness for your continued support and commitment to make smokenetwork a better community


Cannabis plants can, and probably will thrive outdoors almost anywhere in the world with a bit of proper care and guidance. Proving that to myself was one of my main reasons for embarking on an outdoor grow over here in Norway in the first place. I did expect obstacles, solving them is some of the fun 😄

Thanks a lot for your witness vote, it means a lot to me @geeadams! 🤗


@xtetrahedron thats great bro in my country here in Africa we got the best farms to grow cannabis considering fertile lands favorable climate as in all factors one considers in farming are best but we still playing hide and seek games with the government when growing since cannabis is still illegal in my country kenya. But a bill is underway in our parliament to legalize it, I have high hope this time the bill will pass lets just wait and hope for the best. I think Ill write about my country's struggle in legalizing cannabis.
I'm also in the process of creating a witness node on which will run under @smokersunion but will let you know once we up and running.

love the pics thats such a lovely outside healthy grow of a happy smoker


Thanks @marijuanadoctors. I did have some trouble along the way, but the survivors ended up looking mighty healthy. The biggest one was around 2.5 meters 🤯

Excellent job! Nothing beats the great light in the sky!


That big magical lightbulb in the sky for sure knows how to make my plants huuuge. Back when I had this grow was the first time I ever experienced a cannabis plant taller than myself! 🤤

Real lovely flowers, they look very sativa


It grows like a Sativa, but the effects were more towards what you would expect from an Indica strain.

The Royal Dane part of the strain is a cross of Hawaii and (WR x Hindu Kush x Cithral x WW x BB), mostly leaning towards the indica side of the spectrum. While the Typhoon part is a 70% Sativa dominant strain.


Such a lovely plant

I love a mellow outdoor growth. But is probably too smooth for daily growers. Was it worth it in volume?


It was definitely worth it in volume for me. The plants you see in the picture yielded me 100+ grams of proper quality bubblehash/ice-o-later! 😁
For some, this might not be much, but for me at least that is enough of an incentive.

In the future, I would want to plant a lot more of them at the same time. Its not that much work once they are planted. At least not over here with the amount of rain we get in Norway. I never once had to water them, they were just living their natural cycles. Nature provides! 😎

Good 'ole gorilla grow, nice - good save with making into bubble hash too. It gets pretty humid here on Ontario too, but the steady wind I get here in the valley helps i think. Tried an autobud strain this past summer and it was in full bud mode in the most humid time of the summer - I did have some mold issues with that one. Those are some healthy looking plants you grew - cannabis is such an amazing and unique looking plant.

Nice looking healthy plants, awesome. Have you tried a greenhouse to make it a bit warmer? Bong on bro. :-)


This grow was not on my own property, I just squatted a place for it.
If it was I would have used a greenhouse. 😉

Very nice plants. good smoke


Thank you @phi2018 🙂

Great product! I have voted you for witness!


Thank you for your confidence in my witness @ramonubba 🤗


Good luck in the future!

How much yield did you get? Greetings from Finland! :)


Around 1kg of pretty mild bud. I turned it into ~100g of great quality bubblehash/ice-o-lator✌

The same strain should work fine in Finland as well. 😉

When did you start growing

Wow! Cannot believe you are doing that in Norway!
That meat looks delicious would like to try it...
Keep up the good work and good luck!
Smoke on!

This is pretty cool. If I was you I'd try grow some strains that are used to the harsh African climate and try grow it where you live. Maybe we can exchange seeds if you want.


It gets rather cold over here in Norway in the nights, also we have a problem with humidity, so a lot of strains will grow mold during the flowering stage. I personally don't think an African strain would do that well over here, but I would be willing to try once I am growing on my own property in the future. 😃


Cool I might hop on discord later on in my smoke journey. Let me know how I can get hold of you if you want me to post you some seeds from South Africa. Our strains go hard :) haha, but would be curious to see how they do over there.

Wow, there might be a lovely harvest man...


The harvest was pretty okay @dargonx0x. I ended up making bubblehash from it all. 🙂


That's pretty awesome!

What a great actually your work is admiring.
You have done it in your area of NORWAY.
@xtetrahedron you are very hard work and so powerful to do your work and to fulfill your desires as you have proved it in growing this plant.
@xtetrahedron it is my first comment in Platform.
You are the first that i have commented on your post .
Please Support me .I hope you will give me much support

Oh my God ! I've never seen so much hemp in my life))
In my country, it is prohibited, so I saw only a couple of twigs))
Good experiment, I am glad that you managed to find a place for this fun plant)
You were able to smoke it, everything, now I am calm)
great work))

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