My Auto Colorado Cookies Grow

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7 months ago

So I began growing this Auto Colorado Cookie plant 38 days ago. It is my first Auto so it is a bit of a test.


I've done a few things differently for this grow than I have in the past. It is growing in a 2x2x4 tent in my house because the basement is too cold during the winter to grow in. My wife agreed to let me grow in the house as long as I kept it small and it was only temporary...until I get heat in the basement.

It is also my first time scrogging a plant. I was hoping to get better bud production by doing this so I built a scrog net and placed it 9 inches above the pot. I've been keeping everything tucked underneath for the last 10 days or so but a couple days ago I noticed this...


She's beginning to bud already. I'm not sure if I should keep tucking the buds or not, but I think I will for the next 2 weeks anyway and see what happens. The plant is much smaller and a couple of weeks younger than I thought it would be before it started budding. I guess there is surprise with autos. I'm hoping to still get a descent yield from her.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

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The start of something beautiful. They will grow up fast.