DIY Driverless COB Build

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9 months ago

I thought I would share the Driverless COB build I did with you and show just how easy it is. This is my first DIY type post so bear with me.

Here are the materials I used for the build.

50 watt Driverless COB Chip

Heatsink with cooling fan

12 volt power supply for cooling fan

Small extension cord used for power wire

Thermal paste

Soldering Iron with solder and flux.

I started by cutting the outlet end of the extension cord off and tinning the wires.

Next was soldering the wires to the COB chip. Keep in mind the hot wire is the small blade on the plug. Follow this wire back and solder it to the + on the chip.

I then applied silicone over the solder points to keep out moisture and prevent me from shocking myself.

Now I added thermal paste to the back of the chip in an even thin layer and placed it on the heatsink. I then attached the chip to the heatsink using the included holder.

Attach the leads from the 12 volt power supply to the cooling fan on the heatsink. The black wire is ground and the red wire is hot. The yellow wire is not used.

Plug it all in and voila! A working 50 watt COB fixture for less than $20. I have not used these before so I am going to be monitoring its performance and longevity but the chip manufacture claims the lifespan of the chip to be 50,000 hours.


I hope someone finds this useful and for those looking for inexpensive options for lighting, this may be a good option. I will keep you posted on performance. I currently have it on a Dutch Passion Colorado Cookies plant.

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Awesome!! :D

I didn't see these on Amazon, so I picked mine up from china.

Thanks for the tip on the polarity. I must have looked at the wrong chart for plugs, and wired mine the wrong way. They still work, but I'll swap it back around before final installation.

Good call on the 12v power supply, I just started looking for those today and hadn't found one yet. They look perfect! How many watts is the fan on your heat sink?? :D


The 12 volt power supply works great and includes an adapter to attach wires so no splicing is necessary. The fan draws 3.12 watts max.


Oh, that's handy!! :)

Thank you for the info, it helps quite a bit. :D