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So, what do you stoners think? Is this little runt going to make it? It has been called as good as dead by my friends and even spent the night in my trash can before I rescued it the next morning right before I considered dumping spent coffee grounds on top of it.


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It's been about 4 weeks since I cut all three clones of F1 Sour Diesel, and the little runt is way behind its two sisters. However, these clones should be much bigger, and the reason for their slow growth rate is due to my laziness. It's been a while since I cleaned the bottom of my humidity dome; therefore, I went in the veg room one morning and saw my starter plugs covered in a slimy green substance called algae.

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Algae can be harmful to your cannabis plants if you let it go neglected, but it's not a big deal if you catch it early enough. Algae likes to grow where water and light are present and is considered to be a plant itself, but not the kind I want to grow! The best way to remove algae on your starter plugs is to simply rinse it off with dechlorinated water as chemicals can do more harm than good.

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Thanks to my laziness, my plants are far behind where they should be at this stage in the game. Although the algae was removed from the plugs, it still took almost 2-weeks before I saw any substantial growth on the two healthier clones. So, is algae bad for young clones, hell yeah it is!

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Now that the clones have recovered, they are starting to grow and even the little runt is showing signs of new life. I have to admit, when I threw the little runt in the trash can, it was all yellow and withered. It sure did look dead to me, but when I saw it sitting there about ready to buried in coffee grounds, I thought the little runt deserved a second chance.

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Wow.... I have never seen anything like it. Is it weed ? It looks like it is coming out of the earth as a full bloomed flower ??? It must be Alien weed.


Let's hope it is! LOL

I don't think the slow runner will make it 😟 , but the rest are shaping up well.


Thanks lol. I'll keep you guys posted!

Oh no I hate trouble when growing... Good that you are handling it! I think that the little runt will make it still :) it is fighting to survive!


I agree. I think it will make it!

I have no doubts... It will come out good!


The little runt is gaining some fans! LOL

It’ll probably be the best, and unfortunately the least.


I'm gonna give it all I got! LOL


Never go half assed. It just renders half assed!


You are right about that! LOL

Whoa! That's crazy. Get some pure coconut water, the kind with no sugar added, add 15ml to 1 liter of water. See if that gives it a boost of life.


Ok cool:D