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Hello, my fellow smokers and tokers! I know it's been a hot minute since my last post, and my LOTR fans are probably wondering where the fuck is "The Hobbit," (debut is later this week) and WTF has @WRITER43 been up to? Due to an unexpected writing assignment, and the highest paid job I've ever received as a writer (Rock on Right!) can answer both of those questions.

Although I finished the job, other assignments have poured in; therefore, I haven't had the time or luxury to post any new content, but I have been voting and curating when I can, and today while I was preparing to flush my Sweet Cheese photoperiod plant, I decided to take some pics, roll a few spliffs of some recently acquired Jet Fuel and Pineapple Chunk, and take the time to write a post on the importance of flushing before the harvest.


There are a lot of various reasons why flushing is so important. For me personally, it comes down to the quality of the cannabis, which can be defined in its aroma and taste. Flushing is important because it improves the overall smoothness of the cured cannabis as well as reducing the harsh taste that's most noticeable in what most cannabis connoisseurs and myself dub as ragweed.

Additionally, it plays a vital role in removing the "chemical taste" that most professional tokers will notice right away, and when that spliff makes its way back around the circle, you find a gracious way to say, "I'm all set bro!" It is a classic trait of Home-Stone and low-quality cannabis that hasn't been flushed or cured correctly.


From my own personal experience of growing a variety of strains both indoor and outdoor, I would say the best time to start flushing is about 10 to 12 days before the harvest. This also means if you're using a variety of nutrients and bud enhancers, around week-6 of the flowering stage, a reduction in some of the nutrients should occur as you want to encourage the plant to use the remaining nutrients in the soil before you wash out its food source by flushing with an Epson-based salt wash solution such as Flawless Finish by Advanced Nutrients.

Removing salt and chemical residue in the soil medium is so important for the overall quality of your cannabis. It also increases the terpenoid production as well as induces bud swelling during the final days of your plant's life. Just like anything in life, all good things must come to an end; however, it's all for good reasons:)


019 2.jpg

There are various methods when it comes to flushing, and some people may think that straight water is good enough, but for my cannabis, straight water alone isn't good enough; therefore, I want a product like Flawless Finish for the job. It's also important for novice growers to understand the importance of dechlorinating the water if you're living off the city water-grid before you even attempt to water or flush your cannabis.

Introducing water that contains chlorine to your cannabis has the same effects as pouring it into a live fish tank, which most people who have been in this predicament before, had to say goodbye to Nemo during their first-morning piss in the toilet bowl. City water contains chlorine, so either you need a freshwater reservoir with an air pump to circulate the water or simply leave the caps off your water containers and let the chlorine evaporate 24-hrs before watering or flushing your cannabis.


I like to flush for at least 10 days, and I will start my flushing initiatives when I see about 10% amber on the trichomes under the USB microscope, and because I live in the city and subjected to a chlorinated water supply, I have gallons of empty milk jugs with the covers off that are ready to flow and go!

For the daily 10-day flush, I like to dump 2-gallons of dechlorinated water onto my cannabis plant and let that filter through quickly, then I slowly pour 1-gallon (marked with an X) of mixed Flawless Finish (5ml per gallon) on the soil, so it soaks in and removes the salts and chemical residues from my soil medium, and I do this faithfully for 10-days, whether I like doing it not because I know all of my hard work and TLC over the last 16-weeks or more hangs in the balance of a proper flush.


Due to my plant's size, stationary status, scrog net and home inside of the modified 7-ft tall tent, I do not have the luxury of a convenient means to extract the excess flush water because it's a 2-foot reach to the bottom over the extended platform that I built, so I use an over-sized saucer with a kerosene pump to extract the flush water into an empty milk jug. It's fast, simple, and effective.


As you can see, the water extracted from the flush is fairly dark and contains traces of residues and salt from the soil medium. This is day-6 of the flush, and it's currently a lot lighter than it used to be when I first started flushing, which almost looks like a deep-penetrating stain during the first couple of days, so the color of the flush water tells me that I'm properly removing the chemicals in the soil medium from the nutrients that I used and any leftover salt residues, and thanks to products like Flawless Finish, my ashes will burn with a light gray charcoal color, a clear sign of no chemicals and great tasting cannabis in the end.

I hope you enjoyed my take on flushing cannabis and the benefits of having high-quality cannabis at your disposal, that is after the most critical and final stage of growing dank weed, the dreaded curing process! And lastly, I strongly believe in 3-days of darkness before the chop because it simply fucks the plant up and increases the potency of the cannabis!

Now, please enjoy some photos of my Sweet Cheese that's on its way to being a well-medicated dessert all by itself!
Peace out homies and stay tuned for The Hobbit's debut later this week. Much love and respect to all!











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What great post for a grower like me... I love the way you detailed your procedures...I will remember this post since my girls are already in the 1st week of flowering... Thanks for the tips!


No problem and TY:D

I love to see plants sparkle like that. Then you know it's full and good.


LOL, I like that - full and good!

Great post. Congratulation on the big win. Your plant looking amazing, how much time left till harvest?


Thanks, @MrTree420! The chop is happening this Thursday! Most likely, I will take some pics and do a short post on the harvest and bounty:)


Can't wait!

This is really good work on the sparkle and quality of your plants. I want to know if any other content of the water is a problem for flushing or is it just the chlorine..?


I'm not sure whether PH levels in the water during flushing really matter all that much because the plant isn't really absorbing the water, but I could see where brown-colored water containing either sulfur or rust would be a problem. For my indoor grows, I've been blessed with good tap water minus the chlorine and for my outdoor grows, there's a fresh supply of well-water at their location. Even for my organic grows, I still use products like Flawless Finish. If any other growers have any thoughts on this, please comment:)

Rock on indeed, everyone loves a great gig! 🤘


LOL, Yes, it was an unexpected and great gig:) I also enjoyed @Alibi's last post btw!


Need to find that bugger and kick him in the arse to get going daily again. Also have work for him on another canna/smoke related site.

Think lazy git is hiding from me.


Lure him out with some smoke! LOL

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Great looking bud ,btw.


Thank you:)