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Sour Diesel is undeniably one of the best and most potent Sativa strains on planet earth. Experienced and well-seasoned ganja connoisseurs can tell right away if the weed is from genuine genetics by its pungent and diesel-like aroma. Although Sour Diesel is crossbred with many other strains such as NYC Diesel, Raspberry Diesel, Blueberry Diesel, and others. What's left of its true origins consists of 90% Sativa and 10% Indica.

The reason for this is that over generations, a small part of its true genetics has been either lost or altered; therefore, resulting in only being 90% true to its heritage. If you are fortunate enough to get your hands on a genuine 90% Sour Diesel descendant? It will not take rocket science to come to a concrete decision that this smoke is not to be shared!



During my plight to find an authentic lineage. One feminized Sour Diesel seed cost me $54.00, and it wasn't easy to find because it only exists among certain breeders. Genuine Sour Diesel is a rare and coveted strain; therefore, those who have it, as I have discovered, are stingy and charge a premium. For those who have never tried real Sour Diesel? You're simply missing out. This smoke is called Diesel for a reason...

Although its genetics are still somewhat a mystery? Most breeders agree, its lineage comes from Northern Lights, Skunk, and Chemdawg while other experts argue that it comes from a Chemdawg phenotype and Mexican Sativa. Nonetheless, this Sativa dominant strain stands alone because it delivers a rapid onset cerebral high with an energetic but WTF just happened effect. This strain is not a joke! First-time users should be leary because this smoke has the ability to couch-lock and immobilize one for hours.



Barbaric as this pic may appear, topping at the first node keeps Sativa plants from doing what they were genetically born to do - growing straight up and producing minimal colas, and since Sativa plants like to grow tall and thin? It is paramount to teach them a few lessons at a very young age in order to get the best yields, especially for indoor grows.

The two methods that I deploy for growing Sativa Dominant Strains indoors are low-stress training (LST) and high-stress training (HST). Once the seedling has become strong and tall enough to support itself? I top the plant at the first node. This keeps the Sativa plant from growing straight upwards, which generally results in low yields. After the Sativa plant becomes strong and pliable, it's time to tie it down in order to get the width you need to produce the more desirable nugs in the end.



If I didn't loop a piece of string around the main shoots and bend them over by utilizing LST techniques and secure them by slicing a notch around the perimeter of my 15-gal pot? This Sativa dominant plant would be four feet tall and one foot wide instead of being three foot tall and two feet wide during week 4 of its vegetative stage. The goal for any grower is to get the most dried-flower weight as possible. Tying your main branches and bending them over the circumference of the pot will promote new undergrowth and more main colas.

It's also important to check the status of the string's tension on a daily basis. You do not want too much pressure because the tension could cut a branch clean off or cause it to decay and die. If the string appears to be cutting into the branch, simply release the tension or move it to a new location. The next step in teaching a Sativa dominant strain to produce more nugs is to super-crop the taller shoots.



Bending the taller branches over to the point of snapping (HST) is critical to keeping an even canopy for both Sativa and Indica strains. Failure to do so will result in a few of the main colas growing taller than the rest, which generally results in the main shoots hogging the light and smaller harvest in the end.



Since this strain is so hard to come by? I have decided to keep it going by cutting some clones, and I have a few people who are interested in some. I can't wait to start the flowering stage because of Sour Diesel's aroma that permeates my entire building and leaves people asking?


Sour Diesel is known for its very dank diesel gasoline-like aroma. As a matter of fact, the smell of authentic Sour Diesel is so strong that despite your best efforts to conceal its smell will foil them. I consider myself a heavy-weight when it comes to good weed. What stones some people, does little for me, but what stones me incapacitates those who took my word for it. If you haven't tried genuine Sour Diesel? You are missing out on a serious Sativa high.




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Nice to see a post from you! Well written as always with no lack of detail. Welcome back!

How’d the novel turn out?


Thanks, bro. I needed a break from the daily grind and decided to write something on smoke. As far as the novel goes, it's going very slow. I'm currently on chapter 3. I receive so much work on a daily basis that I barely have time to work on the book. I appreciate your comments and much respect!

Hi @writer43,
On the site where I order seeds, there is such a variety of Amherst Sour Diesel (Humboldt Seeds) .. This is it, as you think.

the effect
Bushes of the cannabis cultivar Amherst Sour Diesel fem form dense, resinous inflorescences that are poured with resin with 27% THC. This guarantees a powerful psychoactive effect, which is better for beginners to refrain from.

If this is him, then I smoke him with caution very strong.


Hi, no it's not Amherst. I've grown that before, and it is a good strain. What I got is just Sour Diesel, which is easier to find online, but I don't want to receive seeds in the mail, so I had to find a breeder in Maine.


I, too, have never ordered by mail, I ask those who order. Really exclusive variety. I wish you to have an even more beautiful bush like mine in 2019


That's a hard bush to beat! Looks great.

I am actually looking to score sour diesel if possible for some RSO I need to make, it is one of the top 5 strains to treat and hopefully cure the type of cancer I am making it for friend and want to make sure the best strain for his cancer is used.

Oh and just fyi you might get accused of being skylinebuds I have told him you are not but he isn't listening and then accused me of being a shill account. But welcome back, just in time for the drama.


That's news to me, I'm definitely not Skylinebuds or have anything to do with what's been happening in my absence. The last time I had any drama in my life was in divorce court:) LOL I don't dare to mail anything or I would send you a clone.


Clones in the mail would scare me. And I know your not I sent so much stuff to members all over the world I know better. But I am starting to think dude is either hightimes or rawpride because of the behaviour. Leaning towards hightimes cause hightimes has publicly melted down before and has done shit like this before. I offered to send him smome swag to prove I am the real deal and he hasn't take me up on it. Which makes me wonder if it isn't one of them as I have both of their addresses and would know right away. They both since are now on my blacklist for their rude behaviours and last night this guy ended up on it too. I don't mute people often but if I have muted you, you are on my blacklist and can not win anything from me any more.

(Now saying that I really don't think it is hightimes/vaped yes I muted him but after everything that went down last year his behaviour changed.)


Whoever @Darian is, he's deeply disturbed! LOL

Hi! Welcome back bro! This post is great and I learned again techniques for my experimental grow here in Andalucia which include White Widow and Northern Light autoflowering seeds. Temperature wise it´s cold here (10°C - 14°C) but the girls are sustaining the chill in the night because they are outside the house covered by plastic bottles that act as mini greenhouse with cut windows for air circulation. They are doing well although slow in growth. Let´s see how their growth continues.
Have a great start of the week!


Thank you so much @Indaymers. That's a neat little trick with the plastic bottles!

I want some seeds to start from when I start this strain. As you said though.. It's hard to come by. I haven't met anyone who had any seeds, or at least was willing to give/sell me any of them, but I think I should be able to buy some online somewhere. Not sure how much I trust buying seeds online though. I always find it's best to get my seeds from people I know because I know they'll be feminized properly and will produce the results that I want. Problem is I only am able to get what is within my network of friends/acquaintances so I am limited on what strains come through.

All things considered. Maybe it is a good time to try some of the stuff online. Now that it's finally become legal over these past few years, I think the quality of them should hopefully be good.


Thank you for the comment:) I appreciate it when people take the time to write something. I have done the online seedbanks before, but it always makes me nervous when I go to get my package. I had to find a breeder that had this strain in my home state, and that's what made it difficult, but you are right about not knowing what you're getting when you purchase seeds online. Check with your local dispensaries about acquiring a phone number for breeders or growers they use. That's how I found the guy who had the Sour Diesel:D