7 months ago


Day 32 of flower and counting... I'm really happy with the way the stigmas are developing with this strain. The stigmas are the white colored hairs, which will change colors as the plant matures. It's amazing how much a flowering cannabis plant changes from week to week? It's been a few weeks since I last took some photos, and I was quite surprised when I downloaded my new images today.


The sugar leaves are really stacking up with some chunky crystals, which from what I've read about this strain is a staple of GG4. I've also read that some people let this strain go the full 10-weeks in the flowering stage in order for the nugs to be enveloped in massive trichomes, which this strain is also known for. If anyone has experience with GG4 and the extra 2-weeks of flowering to achieve this, hit me up below. I'm open to tips or suggestions, this is my first GG4 grow.


The scrog net is doing its thing, and both plants seem to be growing colas at the same rate. They're really starting to stack up nicely, and I'm excited to see them fully develop. I need to get in there with my scissors, do some defoliating and get rid of the stuff that won't produce more than popcorn-sized nugs. Right now at this crucial point, I want all of the energy going up to the colas and not the scraggly looking branches underneath, just been a little lazy... This weekend 4-sure:)





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I have never grown medicinal plants under lamps, in the future I want to try.. I like your work.


Thank you, you should try an indoor grow:)



Looks awesome, great job



Great content.look is very nice
Thanks for sharing.love it dear.i appreciate your lighting.


NP Glad you enjoyed it:)

Wow, thank you a lot of colorful lighting which actually cools down the mind, and especially the red color is my favorite. Thank you so many times that the best content that has been shared between us and your days are good and your updated posts are constantly in our midst Share, which we can collect information specifically.


Thank you!

Those flowers are looking sparkly. I’d say 9 weeks for sure on almost everything. There’s some that will be really finished at 8 weeks but not too many. Even though they may not look like they are putting on in that last week or so, you’ll see it in the dry weight. They won’t shrink as much.


Great thanks @choosefreedom:)

If it is the original glue aim at in between 63 to 70 days, it is in that last week that the taste changes to a more cofee/chocolate one. I would, in any case, recommend you to use a microscope and check the trichs, GG4 with dark trichomes is far too narcotic to be enjoyable