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Today was a sad day, and some people just suck! A little while ago, I wrote a post about growing and smoking Sour Diesel as well as selling clones to certain people who need them. So, I fulfilled my obligations and started the cloning process.


I had one medical patient in question who ordered 12 clones, and I even double-checked with him before I invested my time, and he said yes, he still wanted them. As most growers know, cloning is a rather small investment, but the time invested goes without question, especially when you are tending 12 Grootlings and other stuff you got growing.


Those were the first six Baby @Groots to show positive signs of new life, the other six soon followed suit and were transplanted into solo cups with some other clones that I started for other patients.


During the third week of January, I called him and told him that they were ready. He told me that he wouldn't get his monthly check until Feb 1st and couldn't get them until the 3rd. I didn't have a problem with this because I know he's a retired veteran and living on a fixed income. The only inconvenience was taking care of them as they grew and grew.


On Feb 2nd, I sent him a text to see what time he would be coming by and never got a reply? The next day, as the day went on, I sent him another text to see if he was coming? He finally texted back and said he couldn't make it until the 6th. Ok, a few more days, not a big deal, but that would also be a hoax.


Needless to say my frustrations were mounting and my patience were running thin, and what else really pissed me off, was his lack of communication. Until I sent him an ultimatum and got a text back saying tomorrow at 4 pm. Well, 4 o'clock came and went and so did all of my respect for him.


I don't know about most people, but for me? I'm a man of my word, and when I say I'm going to do something? I do it, and if something does happen? I'm going to let that person know the truth, but I will follow through. This guy obviously didn't have the money or the common decency to let me know ahead of time that he wouldn't be able to get them.


Unfortuantely, I couldn't find another buyer on such short notice, and I already took care of a few others who wanted some and most local breeders and growers simply clone their own. Unfortunately, I only have room to flower one plant indoor with a separate veg room, and it's too early to plant them outside. I live in Maine, the fucking ground is frozen and covered in three feet of snow!



Not only did this guy waste my money and time, he murdered 11 innocent Baby @Groots! I have to admit, it was painful sending them to their death in their cardboard box yearn and final resting place inside of a cold dumpster. My plants are like kids to me, and a lot of TLC goes into growing quality clones, but I did keep the best one for myself!


At the end of the day, I'm still me and have my word, even though this guy turned out to be a real dirtbag. And to my @Groot fans being a man of my word, The Black @Cannabis Panther is currently under reconstruction because the sources that I pulled my information from were wrong, so I watched the movie twice, and the next post will be more in line with the movie with a @Groot twist of course, but it will include the entire movie in one GIF PICTUREBOOK featuring @Groot's official introduction to


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Oh that is sad to hear about the clones....he could have said something in the beginning after the first date when he failed to come.

But... head up my friend, the next time you get such order, you should ask for an advance payment, a fraction of it to secure your efforts.


I generally don't like to do that because, for the most part, people are good, but you're right if it's someone I've never done business with before, then I should charge a deposit to avoid such disappointments in the end. On a positive note @Indaymers, I woke up to an email from with @Groot's account information. @Groot is born:D


I noticed that you are already using @Groot.... Yeah, just keep on posting, it´s your lucky account. :-)))


It sure is LOL, and @Groot's Introduction post will be stellar!


Welcome to Smoke @groot .... You are going to Love it here.


If it involves alien weed from an @offgrid galaxy, I'm all in:) Stay tuned for @Groot's Introduction Post:D


Welcome @Groot .... Glad you made it ....

Awesome. Welcome @Groot .... I see you now. Upsmoked and Resmoked.

Everyone Loves @Groot ....

damn I wish I was closer to you I would have saved the baby groot if I was. I am crying inside for your baby groots


Yes, it was sad.