Never had spider mites when I’ve had this

last month


Never had spider mites when I’ve had this but it kills basically anything on contact, I used it when I had aphids and they never came back. It’s 0.20% pyrethrins so after the leaves dry I spray it off with just water in a mister.


From everything I’ve seen and used for pests that comes in a bottle or can, this is by far the best for me .


I also use this to throw em off and it has been working perfectly well too.

Happy Growing

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Wow great innovation

Found this about the spray:

Grower’s Tip:
Natural pyrethrins degrade in a matter of hours after exposure to light, air flow and humidity — NO residuals!

Sounds good and less toxic as it looks.

I heard the weed vomiting reaction some were freaking out about last year was from neem oil, is it safe?