Little update on my Fire og strains

11 months ago


Little update on my Fire og strains, about 6 days after the flip nothing happening much, maybe light leak they’re getting their stretch on but these must be late bloomers.


Just added the start of the flowering nutes at around 800 Ppms maybe 1000 will see how they like the little bump in food, maybe that’s what they wanted was more P and K.

Happy Growing guys 🌴

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For me I never noticed much change till closer to the 10 to 14 day mark after flipping. But I also only use dirt, turkey shit compost and water preferably rain water at that. We have rain barrels so most of the year I can use rain water. But in the winter I am forced to used city water. That maybe why it normally is 10 to 14 days before I see changes but I have been pretty pleased with what I have grown and your grow is looking great from the photos. I have some Fire OG right now and it is an excellent strain.