If your not using silica in your grow, you should be

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If your not using silica in your grow, you should be. Grows strong plants, makes em tolerate crazy temps better high or low.

And insects hate plants full of silica. Not all silica are the same kinda of silica either so check out the different kinds, and that silica raises ph except the mono silicate kind I think.

That last one is expensive tho but heard it’s work it. that’s my next silica to try. Me personally use silica every watering in soil and every res change in hydro, stuff is a must you will notice the difference, at least I do see the difference.

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This is a topic that needs more elaboration. Explaining why you need Si, or rather why adding Si is beneficial to ones grow.

A good start would be starting with the fact Si has been proven to aid plants in high stress conditions, leading into the benefit of cellular wall strength and yet possibly has the ability to heighten protection against some funguses.

You are the first grower in Smoke to discuss Si, thanks for the community introduction. Your post led me to look into Si and it’s benefits. There is a lot of study papers to read on the subject.

Keep spreading the knowledge!


A little more on Silica...

Ontop of the environment stress, growth and strength benefits. It improves the absorption of water/nutes and protects against fungal diseases..!

Also read somewhere you should stop using it after a couple of weeks into flower?

Anyone else used Silica before? Would love to know fact from past use! 👍

Great post interesting stuffs!!

Great info @WeedBoss & Resmoked:D