GSC will be getting pretty huge growing

3 months ago


GSC by seedsman on left, first run of Girl Scout cookies for me. This strain sure is stretchy I sure hope the nug structure is nice and compact at least but overall healthy looking plant.

Someone advised me to bend them towards the house a little that it will stimulate bottom growth by Training lower branches to go straight out. The ones on the back side should be bent around and trained to find a hole out to the side.


The right plant is a auto by mistake but it is good( taking up space) week one, but I have a system I use but I like that advise too, the bottom growth is going to be cloned the plant on left GSC will be getting pretty huge growing till end of year and pulling toward the house.

Happy Growing guys 🌱

#strain #cannabis #kush #indica

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Bending them away from each other will give you awesome results. This will indeed allow more of the sun’s energy to penetrate the lower extremities of your beauties.

Not sure how much veg time you have remaining, however if you have a couple weeks left, I’d recommend bending the top tips. This is called LST(Low Stress Training). It will allow the lower branches to fill out while the top tip recovers. Basically it forces her to bush up a bit.

All in all, it looks like you have some top notch genetics that you’re working with!

Nice plans. greetings