Ghost wreck clone and amnesia from seed

2 months ago



Ghost wreck clone and amnesia from seed.
The clone showed roots within a day or two from when the seed popped its tap root. The clone has much more growth, both have been topped once. But now I’m getting this room dialed in and use to these strains it’s only gonna get better.



Gonna transplant to to 3 or 5 gallon fabric and veg another 2/3 weeks. I would like to keep them in the 1 gallons but it’s just not gonna happen.
I’ve always got my seeds from a few other growers and one or two seed banks, this being the much better of the two. Should be a good few staggered harvest.


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All looking great

They look really wonderfull 😍💚

Looking good @Weedboss:D

LOL, sup relaylogix. :-) Nice new alt!

Look at them beautiful babies