Fabric pots are great in all but back to plastic

last month


Fabric pots are great in all but back to plastic. So much easier to keep track and to keep things going. Plants eat much faster for me in em . Easier to move plants around also. The biggest plant here was in plastic pot and a clone also .These were in 1 gallon and now in three gallon and will probably flower in 2 weeks .
Now I just keep bending tops and the trellis will go up n about a week. just sit back n wait till the hydro is just right.


Before transplanting to plastic.


What I use to transplant and never get any shock. Never do anyways...


Amnesia in fabric pot, from seed. This is why clone over seed is my preferred start. Ghost wreck clone roots are just how I like em, just about to be root bound . This was in a 1 gallon plastic pot.



All done and the training begins.

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The few times I see friends growing, they used plastic bottles and then moved it to gallon milk jug plastics and those were very good for them. They were not the biggest but they were growing very good buds on them and it was strong!

Nice crop, and I agree. I'm not a big fan of smart pots, I prefer plastic too:D


plastic is so easy to keep track and to keep things going thats why i love using it.

You know I think fabric pots are perfect for beginners. I recently have been using plastic, but I am giving fabric a try for the next run. I will be doing updates often here now, so I will be seeing what I think is better.


sure, fabric pots is good for beginners. thanks for stopping by