All different strains

last month

cbd dream.jpg

All different strains. I got some strong sativa traits in the long and lanky females, smaller buds bud they are sparkling nicely, I think she will take much longer to get full and ripe. First time growing that big a plant indoors i put her to flower at 20 inch. Lol. Crazy stretch

24k gold.jpg

purple kush.jpg

super silver haze.jpg

violator kush.jpg


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Great pic's .plants looking nice and healthy...: )

Looks awesome. Way to go.

I enjoy growing a variety of different strains as well. For me it's about having options for different types of highs once harvest is complete. As much as I love my favorite strains, if I were to just smoke on them all the time I'd feel like I wasn't really getting the full experience that goes along with sampling different flavours/highs.