A little update before I give em an aloe

last year


A little update before I give em an aloe Vera / water mixture for aminosit’s supposed to even out and balance out plant. Hopefully this straightens her out Only Girl Scout cookies on the left has been topped so far.


Amnesia on the right will be topped soon when she is better and I will build cage for support. I’m expecting them to pass my roof before it’s over. The GSC on the left is at 3 ft now I and it’s still super early. I will clean out the bottom (for clones) soon. Makes for a cleaner base less pests less problems. So I will clean everything off from ground to about a foot up, Then start bending all her branches out towards cage.

The GSC is a lanky strain to begin with even topping her didn’t slow her down just caught bottom branches up too top. its a weird pair these two strains.


But I got another GSC for back up to the amnesia.

#strains #kush #cannabis #indica

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