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Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 8.41.29 AM.png #weedcash - Original Photography taken by me, this was that tasty sweet #BlackJack full of #nug #crystals!

This is just a Demo Post to show you all how Centralized weedcash.network really is!

I created this post on the Weedcash front end condenser today, with their magical #weedcash tag included, simply to test to see if my Weedcash.Network Block is permanent, or just every 24/hours like my blocks on #Palnet & #Steemleo. Palnet & Steemleo are simply other centralized steem-engine community sites. My Weedcash block however appears to be a forever block!

EDIT: Nope - I don't see it on my Weedcash blog! You may check my weedcash blog at the link below to verify my claims for yourself if you need! (links below)


or here:


(honusurf is just my other account there, seems like it has been blocked too - fyi!)
Screenshots Below of my Weedcash.Network Blog!
Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 8.56.09 AM.png

The reason I posted this is to give potential new #Marijuana #posting #investors the best information if they are deciding to join a new community to invest time and money into!

If they find this post maybe it will help sway them to realize that smoke.io is the better choice over WCN! I like to use the onion analogy for comparison. The weedcash.network would be just the tiny shell layer or "film" on the very top of the STEEM ONION blockchain, while SMOKE is like STEEM, would be considered the entire onion. I wish I had a bud analogy, however buds don't have shells. The best I could do would be to use crystals. You could imagine them like buds too, WEED is a bud Crystal, while SMOKE is " Da NUG"!
Thanks for your attention!

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Looks More Like Cannabis Than Weed to Me! :D

lol Weed and marijuana is what I call low quality, prohibition information grown, cannabis.

Sorry to hear the weed network is so rude. Keep BEing Awesome!