Here are some new pics of my plants!

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last year

Here are my plants in their veg mode!

A49A39CC-7707-4FCD-84AA-9618DEB24129.jpeg Notice the butterfly? Somehow she ended up in the tent so I rescued her! These are another batch of my Black Jack Beauties! Very sweet and stoney!

I’m also Having API issues again?


Here is the message I receive when I try to access today?? At first i thought it was google blocking the site, however from firefox this new message cones up. I have been sending my smoke to Rudex for trading, hope my api issues solve themselves soon. I’m currently online with a strong connection so I have no idea what the issue could be. I clicked reset settings and retry, I’ll try again later.



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Full on veg. ;)
Oh no, that's no good. Hopefully things will be solved soon for you and you can get back to trading!


Yeah the api is still down, i will try to switch nodes or something. If i can’t get into the market not sure what i can do with my smoke??? This is not good maybe I’m blocked out cause i’m a seller now?? No one else seems to care or have issues? I have a lot of coins in there i need to deal with!!