Easy diy compost tea

8 months ago

Howdy ho!! Had some decent weather this weekend and so I spent the day trying to re create something That really interested me, that I saw my first day scrolling on smoke! It was a fertilizer tea for cannabis! The guys post (I forget who it was and am sincerely sorry) was mainly a guide on how to make it and didn’t really dip into why it was good and how it should be used... but no worries because it takes months to be ready! So months to learn haha. I’ve probably rambled more than most people’s attention spans can handle already, so Ill give y’all my recreation of buddies organic tea with less mumbo jumbo! Step one source some bamboo!667C4A78-0F30-434B-B92A-5B906E871E70.jpeg you want to take anything you can but try to do so without hurting the trees too much, so just a little from each one! 72AA0537-9CE1-4BF8-936B-18FF0A9AE0DB.jpegI would like to have used some actual bark from a big fallen bamboo tree, but just went with leaves and smaller stems. C6E2DEC6-281A-4CA6-85AA-D67ABDDE3B28.jpeg
I don’t know if I got enough to make a real strong tea, in fact I don’t know if the tea will even be used directly to feed with or if it needs to be mixed into fresh water before feeding, but I’m hoping to find some answers and learn some stuff about compost teas and more organic methods of growing here from the smoke community! Well now I found the only decent sized reservoir I could, filled it with water and the bamboo plant material. Now I’m supposed to wait 2-3 months while this stuff...uh...ferments? Or I guess since it’s a tea, brews? E9B64902-49A3-4FE2-B348-494C403444BF.jpeg297B9D2D-A81A-4D8C-83C0-69656927038D.jpeg cheers all and I look forward to ANY comments! 🙏 #organic #compost #wolfganggardens

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Hello @underfunded, I have some expirience with teas/composts, so I can share some thoughts about: you can add more components in your tea like grass, leaves, everything what organic is, even vegetable leftovers, more components you add more minerals and microelements will recive tea, Unlike from compost which needs 3 or more months, tea fermentation will end about in 2 weeks if average temperature is more then 21 degree and about 1,5 - 2 month if it's less then 15 - 10 degree.
I also was using dung tea which is frementing faster and contains many microelements/ minerals, also you can mix this two teas togather, they will complement eachother.
after fermentation you need to resolve 1 liter of tea in 15-20 liter fresh water and then use it


This was so very informative! Thank you very much this is exactly what I was after! So I guess I need a second cooler for making dung tea! What uh... specific... dung do you use haha. And also good to know about adding other things to my bamboo tea! And now I know how to dilute and use as a feed!


I was using chiken dung,( its super effective for cannabis and many other plants) but any vegetarian animal's dung is good for tea, also you can use it to acceletare fermentation of other tea/or compost

Cool I’ve been looking into teas myself, keep us posted on how it turns out and I’d you get any more knowledge be sure to share!!


I actually just found out a great deal of information here http://bambooleaftea.net/compost-tea-feed-yourself-by-feeding-your-plants/
The link doesn’t show making a tea in the way I did, but does tell why bamboo can be so important in your organic gardens!

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