Clone transplant

6 months ago

I planted a bagseed about 4 months ago.. took a few cuts and then flowered the bagseed. I am in the process of flushing the mother of this clone... but this is all I have left of her genetics! I was really happy with the speed of flower and how much she didn’t really stretch and how much she really filled in. Here is the momma! DD247881-5D6D-4D0D-ABF0-2B2046821BA8.jpeg she has a lot of pink hues in her tops and she filled in really well. FF36113F-4D7F-4A6A-B7D1-09E583FB8AB7.jpeg here are pics from my transplant of the only clone that developed roots. 1CB8A132-C3CF-436A-849D-B0640AE2C7A7.jpeg2531A0A7-F564-4A3C-9DEB-3DB7C255332A.jpegED3EB03B-C5C3-40AE-A908-F769F18601FA.jpegI plan on training her with an OG SPRING.. it is an inexpensive tool used for low stress training, but I plan to give her some high stress training, with topping and super cropping as well. I went ahead and installed the og spring but will wait to attach my plant as it grows a little taller! Cheers! 707B2D74-FCBA-4C0C-80F2-779906A1262C.jpeg #weed #lst #cloning

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It really growing very fast and also looking good