Bagseed gorilla

5 months ago

I’ve been growing this bagseed in a DWC set up. Lithia is my second time trying to run DWC and I ran into huge nutrient issues late in flower. I got to a point where I couldn’t dump my reservoir water.. and I’ve been using a feed that is an all in one grow and veg feed... so the plant was leaving a lot of the grow nutrients and they began to build up... I’ve pulled the plant now... and I’m relatively happy with results. I had this plant in a tent with another plant that I gave more focus to as I was more impressed with it, and they began fighting for space. Here’s some pics, it’s smells entirely like gorilla glue!3D4671A2-686D-4869-9DFE-B9B16C49559B.jpeg083AD939-2053-4A60-8FC7-30D94D0538B9.jpeg 72196814-4974-4B99-8FA8-90837CB411E4.jpeg
#nugporn #weed #420

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Looking at those clad I want to see the plant which you gave more attention to. 😁

Nice buds.

The flower is looking nice, Can't complain about that. How much you think you pulled off of them?


I’m thinking I surely pulled an oz of strictly flowers... I will update this in a week with a dry weight but I can’t imagine under an oz. and hoping for 2 oz from the plant I gave more attention to!


Nice that is alright